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Saline Solution
0.9% NaCl irrigation solution for electrode sponges. Comes in 100 mL or 500 mL size. 0.9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation. Ready for immediate use off the shelf, these high-quality solutions come in semi-rigid Plastic Irrigation Containers (PIC™) that are: easy non-drip pouring lightweight, durable and shatterproof. Not manufactured with PVC or...

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Signa Gel
Highly conductive, multipurpose electrolyte gel for neurostimulation and neuroimaging. The ideal, highly conductive and hypoallergenic electrode gel recommended for nuerostimulation and nueroimaging. Signa gel is a highly conductive, multi-purpose electrolyte that meets all the standards of the ideal saline electrode gel. Recommended for ECG, defibrillation, biofeedback and EMG. Signa gel...


Flextrode Conductive Spray
Conductive spray for flextrode electrodes. Available in single 240ml bottle or case of 12 bottles

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Tensive Conductive Adhesive Gel
Conductive adhesive gel recommended for TENS, EMG, EEG and other electro medical procedures. Tensive® Conductive adhesive gel is a safe, non-flammable, odorless, conductive adhesive gel. It is recommended for TENS, EMG, EEG and other electro medical procedures. Tensive gel is bacteriostatic, non-irritating and water-soluble.


10 ml Syringe
BD Medical
Use this 10 mL syringe to insure consistent saline or conductive gel application volume. When it comes to tDCS, don't guess how much saline you should use. Use these disposable, 10 mL, polypropylene syringes for general-purpose applications. Syringes come in an easy-to-open sealed package and can be autoclaved out of...


Soterix Medical
Simple kits used with Soterix 1x1 Stimulators and accessories for reproducibility and ease of use. Simple and compatible with all Soterix Medical 1x1 Stimulators and Accessories and includes Soterix Medical EASYPads™. Soterix Medical EASYkits™ are being used across both large trials where reproducibility across repetitions and sites is key, and...


Lectron II Conductivity Gel
Pharmaceutical Innovations
Highly conductive, hypoallergenic and perspiration and temperature stable conductive gel that will not dry or leak. Use with Relief bands, TENS devices, ECG and EKG. Features: High conductivity Hypoallergenic, Perspiration and temperature stable. Spreads and removes easily Will not dry or leak. For Relief Bands, TENS nerve stimulation units, ECG...


Nuprep EEG & ECG Skin Prep Gel
The Nuprep Gel is designed to conveniently dispense controlled and consistent amounts of EEG/ECG Skin Prep Gel. Nuprep gel is easy and convenient to use. A flip-top cap lets you dispense the gel with one hand, leaving the other free. The flat top lets you stand the tube on its...


Spectra 360 Electrode Gel
Electrode gel that allows for prolonged use without re-application. The product of choice for ECG, TENS, monitoring and pediatrics. The only salt-free and chloride-free electrically conductive gel, recommended for all electromedical procedures, except defibrillation. Salt-free characteristics make it particularly suitable for long-term applications. Spectra 360 differs significantly from all other...


Redux Electrolyte Gel
Highly conductive and water soluble electrolyte gel in a simple and convenient package. Redux® Eletrcolyte gel by Parker Labs is highly conductive, water soluble, non-staining and non-gritty.