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Soterix Medical
M×N HD Transcranial Stimulation The most advanced noninvasive neuromodulation platform.Scalable from 5 to 82 concurrent stimulation channels. Available with exclusive Neurotargeting software. High-Definition transcranial Electrical Stimulation is a transformative technology for targeting cortical and deep brain structures with weak currents. Unlike any other neuromodulation technique, High-Definition transcranial Electrical Stimulation is...
4x1 HD-tDCS Adaptor
Soterix Medical
The Soterix 4x1 HD-tDCS adaptor converts any 2-channel tDCS stimulator into an HD-tDCS device. An ideal solution for when you already have an existing 2-channel device in use. 4×1 HD-tDCS Adaptor The most economical and scalable solution for HD-tDCS. The Soterix 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor converts any 2-channel tDCS stimulator into...