Apex Type A tDCS Device
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The ApeX Type A 18V – Ultimate Bundle is a great way to get started with tDCS as quickly as possible. It includes a complete set of accessories for those who want get going right out of the box. Analog design means you can control the current, current ramp-up and duration manually.


The ApeX Type A 18 Volt Ultimate Bundle for tDCS is a great choice for someone looking for an affordable tDCS device. It has great features, excellent design and comes assembled and ready to use, including a set of ElectroSquare electrodes, electrode connecting cables (4 ft/1.2 meter banana to banana cables) and 2 high quality terrycloth electrode positioning headbands.

Apex Type A 18V Ultimate Bundle - Device Features

  • Built-in Analog Precision Meter - High-quality analog meter built into the unit allows for instantaneous readings on the level of stimulation. Without a meter built-in, a tDCS user would have no way of knowing if the device is outputting the desired amount of electrical current required for a proper tDCS session. We at ApeX Electronics cannot stress this enough; a high-quality meter is A MUST HAVE FEATURE for any tDCS device. We test and calibrate the meters extensively prior to shipping. The customized color coded meter tag allows for an easy “safety check” on the device while operating it during sessions. As long as the needle is in the green area, the device is operating within is specified range.
Apex 18V tDCS Device Starter Kit
  • Progressive Adjustment Dial - The Progressive Adjustment Dial helps users control the rate of stimulation in a natural almost organic way, This is one of the main advantages of using a fully analog device like the ApeX Type A 18 V Edition. Because the user can control the rate of stimulation manually and there are no digital steps between lower and higher levels, the user can adjust how fast or slow the rate of stimulation will increase or decrease.
  • Heavy Duty Banana Plug Connectors - Banana plug connectors are very easy to use, heavy duty and present in many different types of electronic products when reliabile signal quality is required. No wonder audiophiles, who are notoriously picky about wires and connectors, use banana plugs exclusively to connect expensive speakers. The Type A 18 V edition allows you to connect a pair of ElectroSquare Electrodes directly into these two color-coded ports. And, if desired, the posts unscrew to reveal a second connector on the shaft of the post that can be used with wire leads (if multiple anode/cathode configuration is desired by the customer) keeping with the ApeX Type A tradition of offering an option for multiple electrode connections.
  • Ergonomic Design - The Apex Type A 18 V tDCS Device is compact, very portable, and fits in your hands in a very comfortable way. All controls are easily accessible and are placed in specific positions to allow for easy operation.
  • Dual 9-Volt Battery System - Dual 9-volt battery system simplifies the design, adds more power to the unit and makes it handle variables such as poor saline quality, skin or hair products interfering with conductivity much better than a 9-volt or 12-volt system would. The battery compartments in the back of the unit also simplify battery installation considerably.

ElectroSquare tDCS Electrodes

  • Revolutionary mechanical fastening system. No weld spots; insert a banana plug directly into the electrode easily and reliably. System is more rust resistant than any other tDCS electrode.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone shell. Eliminates the possibility of adverse skin reactions and it is much more durable than latex.
  • Dishwasher safe materials. Easy to clean and disinfect to avoid unpleasant odors from unchecked bacterial growth.
  • Notched corners design allows for easy access to internal components
  • 3" X 3" inches / 7.62 X 7.62 centimeters. Ideal size for tDCS stimulation
  • Premium carbon rubber electrode insert that is highly conducitve and does not corrode like metal.
Apex tDCS electrode

What's Included - Delivery Set

The ApeX Type A 18V Ultimate Bundle includes the following items:
  • 1 ApeX Type A 18V – Transcranial direct current stimulator
  • 1 set of 4 ft. rust resistant ElectroSquare electrode cables
  • 2 ElectroSquare electrodes.(hypoallergenic, rust resistant, dishwasher safe, cellulose sponge)
  • 2 high quality terrycloth electrode positioning headbands
Apex 18V tDCS Device Ultimate Bundle Starter Kit
The Ultimate Bundle + Deluxe Travel Pack includes:
  • All the same accessories available in the Ultimate Bundle PLUS
  • 1 Rugged water and shock resistant travel case with inner foam cutouts to accommodate the device and all the accessories
  • 1 convenient airline approved saline solution squirt bottle (saline not included)
  • 4 pack replacement sponge pad
Apex 18V tDCS Device Ultimate Bundle Starter Kit with Travel Case

How to Use

How to Use and Electrode Care

ElectroSquare Electrodes Preparation and Care

Apex Device Instruction Manual

Download Apex tDCS Device Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
TDCS review

So far I’ve been pretty happy with my TDCS machine.
I’ve used it about five times so far it’s very easy to use. I’m just trying to find the right montages for my situation looking for the best results for cognitive enhancement, better memory, and faster response mentally.
Thank you I’ll keep you posted for with my results.
Brett Parrish CP HT, LMT

A Device That You May Well Need!

I purchased the Apex Device primarily because of its analog tDCS current meter; I had concluded that a change from LED-screen technology would probably be helpful to try out.

I'm impressed

This is my first tDCS device, looking the reviews and information it felt like the right first product to have, building quality exceed expectations, the experience itself is pretty interesting, I can say right away, it helped me with sleeping and anxiety, now I'm getting more familiar with it, will try different configurations.
It really does work, and you feel it! no placebo, no guessing!

Very good

I think it's a very good team. My brother has lowered the level of diabetes.

A hardware beauty

I'm a physics student diagnosed with severe depression and generalized anxiety. Despite being under medication for 4 years, my situation was going worse and worse to the point of not being able to even to continue my studies as I once could. After some research, which included meditation, exercise and CBD products, which all impact positively on the condition, I found out about tDCS. As I couldn't afford time to built a device myself I looked for a cheap but reliable model. I can assure you, this one is one hell of a beauty without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The circuit is solid and the output is incredibly reliable under several tests on different materials. Even if it's bigger than some other devices, this one uses pretty standard parts, which could be easily replaceable in a local electronic store. I've been using it over a month already and I must say it works, specially while doing some mindfulness exercises. Don't be put away by the rust of the anode banana plugs that you see from some pictures after some use, it's a normal phenomenon in electrolysis which is easily cleaned. Having some electronics knowledge due to my career, I must say I'm impressed how comparable or even superior this product is to some other "branded" ones. As for a tDCS device, it works exactly as intended, now, one must do some research on electrode placements, and as always, ask a physician beforehand.

Quick Review, Apex Type A tDCS

I love it when someone is brave enough to choose the BEST technology for a specific function, rather than assuming the newest tech is necessarily the best. People don't really understand this technology yet, so they don't really know what they want, or SHOULD want. If you are getting a tDCS device, you SHOULD want this one for the following reasons: you are crazy to trust a "black box" and not know what level of current you may be sending to your brain. And analog controls allow you to make subtle current changes SMOOTHLY in REALTIME, which I love. Did you really think .5, 1, 1.5, and 2 mA were the only relevant numbers? Something else you should know that you don't: if you don't make small changes in the current level, you may become habituated to the level you use, and you will stop receiving the same level of benefit. Be truly intelligent, and get this if you are serious about tDCS. Oh...customer service is as good as it gets!


It works

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