How It Works

mindGear is a battery-powered handheld medical device that connects to your head with adhesive electrodes. mindGear works by providing low-intensity energy to the brain using an advanced brain stimulator. mindGear is based on decades of scientific development and proven medical success at the nations leading medical centers including Harvard Medical School. With hundreds of thousands of safely completed sessions, with no side-effects, mindGear provides instant relief that builds up with you. Completely non-addictive, easy to use, and proven.

A Non-Drug Treatment

Pharmaceutical work by washing your brain with a drug, which is why they cannot be specific and result in side effects. mindGear works by recognizing your brain already has the processes to feel relief, and those processes can be activated by specific forms of energy. mindGear is effective and side-effect free because it works through natural brain processes that you already have. In this way, repeated use of mindGear can produce lasting relief by enhancing those processes in the brain. By training your brain to heal itself, mindGear can be specific without complications. In contrast, drugs require you to keep taking pills.

Science Driven Therapy

Studies using medical scanning have shown that individuals who suffer from insomnia, depression, or anxiety have the same brain processes as healthy none-anxious individuals, but in people who suffer from insomnia, depression, or anxiety those process are less active. mindGear uses low-intensity energy to active process already in your brain, producing a natural benefit because it activates your own brain process. The brain is a highly energy sensitive system, which is why inactive processes can be activated by low-intensity stimulation.

Prior to mindGear treatment brain scans show maladaptive activity in brain regions associated with anxiety and depression.

Immediately after mindGear application, brain processes that promoted enhanced mood and relaxation are activated.

Repeated used of mindGear produces a lasting beneficial brain change. Brain imaging shows that mindGear helps use help yourself.

Better Technology, Better Outcomes

Think of mindGear as a music player for your brain. A 10 kHz signal taps into your brain cells. Over minutes your brain is modulated to respond. hydroPOD deliver the targeted therapy. Years or technology optimization means a personalized therapy that fits in tie pockets.

Better Neuroscience, Better Treatment

mindGear is unique in targeting two parts of you nervousness systems. mindGear shift brain function in the frontal cortex, which control mood and also activates cranial nerves that control anxiety and stress. The results is a fast acting and lasting therapy, that naturally activates your brains own coping mechanisms.

Safety and Comfort

mindGear has been used safely by thousands of individuals. More than 37 published studies prove the safety and effectiveness of mindGear technology. The side-effects of mindGear are comparable to a sugar-pill. mindGear is a safe and effective FDA cleared medical device.