How To Use

mindGear is easy to apply and activate. The mindGear manual, provided with each device, provides detailed step by step instructions. And our customer support is always available to walk you through any concerns. You can use mindGear whenever you need a little help, or as part of your daily routine.

Position mindGear adhesive electrodes on the forehead following illustrated steps in the manual.

Our unique hydroPod electrodes are easy to apply. Place them on the forehead as wide as possible while avoiding the hairline. If you need, use the mindWrap elastic strap to help press the electrodes down.

With a push of a button activate the device for mindGear therapy. The manual provides instructions for your symptoms.

Turn the mindGear power switch on. Select you treatment time - 15 minutes is enough to feel relief. Adjust the intensity up to comfort level. mindGear immediately produces an elevated mood and relaxed state.

Relax and let mindGear shift your brain state, to feel relief.

Resting quietly during a session is best, but you can engage in activities such as reading, watching TV, using the computer, or talking on the phone during a treatment session.