Caputron Extra Absorbant tDCS Sponge Insert Replacements

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Over time the sponges within the electrodes can grow brittle and crumble, crack, or split causing an uneven distribution of current. It’s a good idea to replace your sponges often to ensure that the electrodes function properly.

Replace your sponges less often and run longer sessions with the Caputron High Quality Amrex Style Sponge Insert Replacements. These sponges come dry. As soon as one applies saline solution to them, they immediately absorb the solution and expand. They work best when inserted into the rubber electrode pad first as they expand quickly when wet. They provide excellent contact with and conductivity to the application area.

Pack comes with 10 sponge inserts

These Sponge inserts by caputron are used as replacement sponges and come in different sizes.