Flowtime tDCS Device

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  • Easy-to-use tDCS device
  • provides a constant, low-intensity current to stimulate the brain
  • Helps improve focus, memory, mood & performance
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    Flowtime Starter Kit Includes
  • 1x Flowtime tDCS device
  • 6x Round replacement tDCS sponges
  • 1x USB Charging cable
  • 1x Plastic bottle for saline
  • 1x Carrying case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Somewhat buggy and lack of support, pretty below average in performance especially at it's price.

My experience with the flowtime tdcs device with my time using the device has been pretty okay but could have been a lot better, as it has quite a few problems. For starters, I've noticed that the maximum advertised current of 2ma when using the app it does not seem to go up to that desired current. I believe goes at the highest 1.97ma or 1.98ma and there is no real way to monitor this in real time. Speaking of monitor, there is no way to change the timer or monitor the progress of the stimulation from start to finish, leaving a seemingly limited experience to use and customize this device with my specific needs. The app and page explaining this product itself seems to have quite a lot of grammatic errors, with some websites claiming that a timer can be adjusted or/and the flowtime tdcs device can run a session for 30 minutes, though when using the actually app itself that is not the case and can only be ran for 25 minutes. I'm not sure if it was my model specifically or an all-around issue with the device, but when I power off the device the led indicator still seems to be running, and while pressing the key button on the side to start a session, it does not seem to work properly and I often find myself having to restart the headset if I do not achieve good enough contact after a few tries. While after a number of tries and getting used to how this product works in general, it definitely does work and do it's job but it seems not be worth the effort to get it working despite it being much more straight forward than other tdcs device such as the Neuromyst pro, which seemingly works excellently well and has a lot more features, all while costing quite a bit less (About half the cost of this device at full price). When I first got into tdcs I was very curious wether or not it was going to be overly complicated to use. I sooner or later realized that TDCS after a bit of research and understanding of it is actually quite simply, and I felt that it was important to actually purchasing this device to make stimulating the motor cortex of the brain to acquire new skills to be essential. Turns out, that is definitely not the case, and I personally think that taking a small bit of time to understand the science and montage on what you're trying to achieve with using a cheaper, but much more flexible and useable device for whatever montage or session I have in mind, such as the Neuromyst pro is a much better option to choose, especially regarding the price. As this product has been out for I believe more then a year now, there is no way to purchase replacement sponges, no where on caputron or the flowtime website. Caputron did mention to me when contacting their support they planned to add replacement sponges for this specific product really soon, though considering how long this product has been out, there should have been an easy way to buy them a few weeks to a month after release. Overall, the seemingly lack of customization regarding sessions, to the pretty annoying issues surrounding the device, the lack of any adjustable timer, and the constant grammatic errors on both the app and product display for this page itself should that this device does not seem to be getting much care and support as it really deserves and needs to have since it costs quite a bit of money at $300. Other products such as the Neuromyst pro have a lot more features and useful tutorials especially if you are new to TDCS and are curious to getting started, as well an easy way to buy new sponges at any time, with reliable and incredibly beneficial support regarding your questions, and of course the price is much lower, even lower if you consider getting a like-new condition product! The Flowtime TDCS device also does not seem to be displayed at all on the flowtime website, revealing even more that the support of this device is pretty lackluster and improvements should really be made to justify such a high price tag.

Very easy and fun to use!

A very easy and reliable tdcs headset! A very beginner friendly solution for getting into tdcs and reaping the benefits from it, with the headset itself being very high quality!

Julie K.
easy to use

i have the traditional device which involves wires and needed headbands which is frankly a pain. this is much easier and i have transitioned to using this daily bc of it. it is comfortable and easy to use. one minor criticism- i transported it with me one day and the material on the headphones snagged and got fuzzy.

Flowtime tDCS Device
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