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SSD 6.0 tDCS Device

$169.99 $224.99
Introducing the SSD 6.0 Touchscreen tDCS Device. Total control of your tDCS session. The 6.0 comes with everything you need for your tDCS session.
Headstrap :
Electrode Size :
    Total control of your tDCS session:
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Selectable Voltage 9 V - 12 V - 18 V - 24 V
  • Selectable Current Setting from 0.2 mA to 2.0 mA
  • Session Timer
  • Touchscreen Brightness Control
  • Hardware Current Limiting
  • Software Current Limiting
  • Start/Stop Session Button
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • Powered by 4 AAA Batteries (Included)
    Starter Kit Includes:
  • 1 SSD 6.0 Device
  • 2 Caputron tDCS Electrodes (Choice 2x2 or 3x3)
  • 1 Banana Lead Wire
  • 1 Cloth Headband or upgrade to Caputron Universal Strap
Super Specific Devices tDCS Device 6.0 Touchscreen

The SSD 6.0 tDCS Device has 4 selectable fixed voltages 9 V, 12 V, 18 V, and 24 V, as well as selectable mA settings from 0.2 mA to 2.0 mA (in 0.1 mA increments). The programmable session timer can be set from 1 min to 40 min (in 1 minute increments). When you have all the parameters set, just press the Start/Stop button to begin your session. The device will immediately switch to the Session Status screen and the bar meter will show the mAmps ramping up. The bar meter is showing how many mAmps are actually going through the electrodes (this is a very accurate real time meter). After ramping to your selected mAmps setting, the timer (in the bottom right hand corner of the screen) will began counting down the minutes remaining in your session. When the timer gets to zero the device will begin ramping down your mAmps then return you to the Parameter Control screen.

Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device. This product does not claim to diagnose, assist, treat, improve, cure, or prevent any medical condition or ailment whatsoever.

Customer Reviews

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DNeil S.
Clean-Up in Heschl's Gyrus...or something like that

My mental state and troubled brain needed something and after searching many many things this seems to be working... The device is easy enough to use and seems well designed and executed. The ramp up is nice and I hardly notice or feel encumbered by the device. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size sponge refills, but the stellar customer service noticed the discrepancy and contacted me to right the order. Friendly professional experience through and through. I am very happy I found Caputron and the SSD 6.0 Device!

D. A.
Convenient and inexpensive

I have the SSD 6.0 and the low cost device. They both work fine but, the SSD has a touchscreen and a display. Those are worth the extra cost. The case is 3d printed and looks like it was assembled in a makerspace. It looks fine. You won't, however, confuse it with a research grade device.

SSD 6.0 tDCS Device
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