• tDCS and Learning: A Primer

    At Caputron, we believe in introducing the most innovative yet effective cranial stimulation solutions across a variety of implementation methods. Transcranial direct current stimulation, otherwise known as tDCS, is a popular option for many, particularly those who seek improved focus and learning capacity. To paint a clearer picture, let’s explore...

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  • CES and the Treatment of Insomnia

    Cranial electrotherapy stimulation – otherwise known as CES – is a treatment cleared by the FDA for addressing insomnia in patients. Completely non-invasive and safe, it works to encourage the brain to react appropriately to the need for rest. The severity of insomnia can vary depending on how early or...

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  • tDCS Devices for Learning: How Does it Work?

    tDCS has long been appreciated as a non-invasive way to adjust emotional reactivity and effectively steer the mind in decision-making. A key benefit of the technology is its ability to improve mental focus in individuals, and evoke a more motivating learning experience. Today, let’s touch on the essentials of tDCS...

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  • What’s the Best CES Device for Depression?

    What’s the Best CES Device for Depression?

    Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is a form of FDA-cleared cleared treatment for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Many patients experience improvements to mental wellness after as little as one treatment. However, what’s the best CES device for depression in particular? We believe it’s the mindGear CES system, a very popular choice...

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  • Ever heard of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation?

    Ever heard of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation?

    Ever heard of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation? At Caputron, it’s one of our specialties. Otherwise known as tDCS, this innovative non-invasive neurostimulation technology is ideal for modulating brain activity associated with various behavioral issues. It harnesses the brain’s neural circuitry to help alleviate emotional and psychological distress. This is achieved...

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  • LIFTiD Techstination Interview - tDCS for Gamers

    LIFTiD Techstination Interview - tDCS for Gamers

    LIFTiD is a new headset designed specifically for recreational use. Using tDCS, LIFTiD aims to help maximize attention, focus and alertness, all important aspects for gamers. LIFTiD does this by applying a small electric current that primes your brain for increased activity. The device uses 1.2 mA of current for...

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  • What is tDCS?

    What is tDCS?

    We at Caputron are a world-leading distributor of clinical and research-based neurostimulation technology. One of the most widely used forms of this technology is tDCS. However, what if you’ve never heard of this means of neurostimulation before and want to understand it better? We’re here to help! Let’s explore the...

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  • Caputron Partners with Brain.FM

    Caputron Partners with Brain.FM

    Music designed with your brain in mind! Brain FM works with teams of scientists and composers to engineer music specifically designed to help you achieve and sustain deep focus. Try now for FREE! Brain FM uses an AI music engine to create music geared to help you improve focus, relaxation...

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  • Caputron Recommended tDCS Device

    When asked what device we at Caputron recommend for tDCS, we always suggest the Activadose tDCS Device with Caputron Starter Kit. When compared to other devices, the Activadose tDCS device is the only commercially available device that has an existing FDA clearance and is built to clinical standards. The Activadose...

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  • What to look for in a tDCS device

    Choosing the best tDCS device can be tricky. With so many choices now available, it is important to know what features to look for. The 5 most important features you should consider when choosing a tDCS device are: Build Quality - The highest quality consumer devices are professional grade. Accurate...

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