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The most accurate and fast system for positioning electrodes at standard locations. Developed by Soterix Medical Research, the EASYstrap™ can be used to position Soterix Medical EASYpads at standard tDCS/tACS/tRNS locations, maximizing reproducibility and subject comfort. The custom head-gear with engraved land-mark finder and ruler makes the EASYstrap the simplest system to use for 1x1. Simply identify the standard tDCS/tES electrode locations, snap in the EASYpads, and secure the EASYstrap to the subjects head with a single safety buckle click.

    Additional EASYstrap benefits include:
  • Robust fixed position, even under moderate subject motion
  • Access to EASYpads access during stimulation, for electrode monitoring and re-wetting during prolonged application
  • Precise reproduction of electrode positioning for clinical studies

EASYstraps are engineered in three adults sizes (S, M, L) and two pediatric sizes (pS, pM). Select from two connectors: velcro for convenient and secure connection or SAFETY BUCKLE for a snap-connection with extra robustness.