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Easy to use and set up

I am experienced with regular TDCS but wanted to be able to tartget specific brain regions. The good think about this 4x1 setup is it keeps things pretty easy and quick to set up. The caps feel good and are easy to clean. Questions are answered quickly.

Caputron tDCS Electrode

Great Device

Surpassed my expectations in every way. Highly recommend for healthy living.

Good for breathing control

I am not sure I can well use this device, however, it is good for breathing control to make me calm.


Caputron is excellent....

Great product

The cap for perfectly for accurate electrode placement!

Great company!

I received my Caputron order and have to say I am very very happy. Fast efficient service, high quality products and easy website to use! I’ll be suing Caputron for all my tDCS needs in the future!


I must say that, while I was feeling anxious about many things at the time of my replacement sponge order, the service of Caputron was not one of them! I was able to complete my order and receive it in just a couple of days, and I knew that my money was well-spent.

6 x Caputron tDCS Electrode

Set for the foreseeable future now with any accessories I may need for my ActivaDoseII

Amazing Device

I use this device every day to help with insomnia. Use it for 30 minutes an hour or two before bed and it helps me get through the night.

ActivaDose II Review

Their customer service is excellent, the shipping was quick and accurate in relation to their estimated arrival date, and the product has been reasonably-easy to figure out. Given that it is of a medical grade, I feel secure in learning about how the device works!

Accesories to last a lifetime

Now I have all the extra electrodes and cable necessary for the ActivaDose II for the quite foreseeable future

Caputron is great!

Caputron do great things for it's customers. Even when you do not ask for additional services - it does it. Seems like Caputron is reading my mind :)

Works well

The device works well.

Flextrode Disposable Covers

activadose tdcs accessories

Great customer service!

Works as expected

I ordered my ActivaDose starter kit just over two weeks ago. In the two weeks that I've been using it I've had no issues with it. It works as expected.

Electrode Review

Great quality electrodes, they come exactly as advertised.

I see and feel results

The device and the caputron accessories work well together. The booklet in the kit is not very applicable or useful. I needed to educate myself through Google and you tube searches. Despite that, I am happy with the results so far. Actually, amazed that it works at all and pleased with results. I would suggest keeping current down to one milliamp and time down to 20 mins until you get used to it. Current is affected by saltiness of the water, so you may want to buy saline, so you have a standard. I'd like to hear from others your experiences. Thanks

ActivaDose tDCS Starter Kit


The Best!

Caputron's mindGear- Excellent!!!

This device is simply amazing.
I am trying to reduce my medications for sleep....
This device has helped me to do that...
When I wear it, I am usually asleep in 15 minutes.
It has been especially helpful since I usually awaken several times during the night.
It has been difficult to fall back to sleep, especially in the hours of dawn or after...
This device has enabled me to get the extra hour or so of sleep I need, after the sun has risen. (Yes, I have tried wearing a blackout mask and darkening shades, but this device
allows me to fall back to sleep, whereas the other sleep aids, have me tossing and turning.
The only downside to this for me is that you can only use it three times for 15 minutes sessions each, per night. I had tried using it longer and had a weird headache the following day.
Still, in my opinion, this is the best game in town, is you suffer from insomnia!!!!
Thank you Caputron for improving the quality of my life!!!!