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Simple and effective

This device has given me a unique sensation. After several weeks I was able to measure better heart parameters using apple watch

Great device

Very easy to use and gives real effect measured with apple watch

Chris C.
Signa gel

Service great can u make larger tubes

Thank you for your review. Yes, we have the 60g and 250g tubes available.

Caputron is the only supplier

Caputron is the only supplier of 1.5" sponge inserts for tDCS I could locate. Neuromyst sells the electrodes but not the sponges. Caputron sells both. From now on, I am purchasing all my TDCS supplies from Caputron.


just what I needed

Great to relieve anxiety

I recently tried this device and was impressed with the immediate results. From the first use, I could feel a noticeable difference in my stress levels. The calming effect was almost instant, making me feel much more relaxed and centered. It's now a go-to tool for those moments when I need quick relief from stress. Highly recommend for anyone looking to feel calmer instantly.

The only way to stimulate!

I don't think I would even try tDCS without the accurate "map" that this placement cap provides. Simply guessing electrode positions is for the birds! This accessory is washable, durable, and easy to use. Highly recommended!

1.5" round electrodes and sponges work with neuromyst

The 1.5" round electrodes and the small sponges work perfectly with the neuromyst tdcs device. Caputron is my goto source for these replacement items, and for saline solution for tdcs applications. The sponges are unavailable elsewhere--I've looked. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Not sorry

Most devices I have bought do not always deliver what advertised. I am not sorry for this purchase. I have used for anxiety and pain. And it has worked for me. As I would have expected it to. No regrets on this purchase.

Caputron TMS Cap
Danielle L.
Good quality

Good quality and easy to use.

Brighter outlook

The stimulation seems to be helping my thought processes. ** and I am feeling more optimistic as well.

Clip is pretty cheap and annoying

The clip that attaches to the ear just falls off constantly and has zero friction. Doesn’t seem very high quality and makes using the device annoying. Also having a hole or something to attach a clip to the device so I can clip it to my clothes.

Super awesome Product

Love using my devices. I notice a big difference.

I love my ActivaDose!

I bought the ActivaDose a month ago and have been using it daily for depression. My brain fog, negative thinking, and mood have all improved. It's easy to use, the cap fits well, and the sponges are high quality. Definitely recommend!


Great device. can only recommend it

Thrilled with my purchase

I was down to very few possible options, having tried and failed many others which need not be listed here. I opted for TCDS, because it was so simple, home-based, non-invasive; I could control my own environment, on my own time without needing to leave the comfort of my own home. No bells and whistles, very simple instructions and set up - provided you do the research yourself. I’m very pleased to say I’ve had wonderful benefits so far, I’ve done 10 treatments, and already I noticed a huge improvement for the first time in months -very positive, very upbeat, my motivation, outlook, incentive interest & appetite - Everything has all become on the positive side of the negative line I have been walking for months, if not years. I am treating “treatment resistant depression” for MDD, and this has been the best thing that I have had happen to me. I had a fantastic result with TMS for the first three months and then I relapsed. After 10 days of my TCDS, I have recaptured that wonderful three month joy again - I’ve become absolutely “ME” again.
I have experienced no unpleasant side effects as described or that can be anticipated. I’m at 2 mA. I do it for 20 minutes every day and I plan on continuing until my supervising psychiatrist tells me otherwise. I do, however, continue to take antidepressants, which I’m told in time, as long as I remain stable in this state, perhaps may be lowered in
I highly and strongly recommend you give it a try if you’re in anyway wobbling in indecisiveness it certainly is made such a huge difference to me and I hope it will similarly to you

Nuprep gel, does what its supposed to do

Good product and good price. I will buy again!

Caputron TMS Cap
Morgan K.

Caputron TMS Cap

Electrode placement made easy

The tDCS electrode placement cap enables accurate electrode placements of the most well-researched tDCS montages. The electrodes stay in place under the cap, which is comfortable to wear.

Caputron TMS Cap
Abigale C.
TMS Center

This is our clinics go to for all patient caps!

Brain premier electrode lead cable

It is as described and the shipping was very fast

I love my Activa Dose II

I use my Activa Dose II for fDCS frequently because I had a stroke twelve years ago. Some days I get bad brain fog but the tDCS helps keep the fog at bay. Perhaps because I use it so much, the banana leads failed so I ordered some more. I lie in the United Kingdom so I expected that I would have to wait a long tome to receive them but they arrived within a few days. I was very impressed with the speedy service. I can now resume my treatment. Thanks!

Great customer service

Too early to say whether the device is effective but the company tech / support team is really terrific.

Seeing Improvements in Anxiety

I purchased Mindgear CES device, month and a half ago. I have severe Insomnia and nothing has been worked for me. Then I tried using MindGear device, and I can see improvement in my symptoms. I am still at the stage of using it but I believe I will see good relief in my anxiety and Insomnia. The purchase was worth it. I purchased rechargeable batteries from amazon and I wish it had screen light and quality button for on and off. I am hoping for the best.

TENS Unit 3000

TENS Unit 3000

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