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Electrode placement made easy

The tDCS electrode placement cap enables accurate electrode placements of the most well-researched tDCS montages. The electrodes stay in place under the cap, which is comfortable to wear.

Caputron TMS Cap
Abigale C.
TMS Center

This is our clinics go to for all patient caps!

Brain premier electrode lead cable

It is as described and the shipping was very fast

I love my Activa Dose II

I use my Activa Dose II for fDCS frequently because I had a stroke twelve years ago. Some days I get bad brain fog but the tDCS helps keep the fog at bay. Perhaps because I use it so much, the banana leads failed so I ordered some more. I lie in the United Kingdom so I expected that I would have to wait a long tome to receive them but they arrived within a few days. I was very impressed with the speedy service. I can now resume my treatment. Thanks!

Great customer service

Too early to say whether the device is effective but the company tech / support team is really terrific.

Seeing Improvements in Anxiety

I purchased Mindgear CES device, month and a half ago. I have severe Insomnia and nothing has been worked for me. Then I tried using MindGear device, and I can see improvement in my symptoms. I am still at the stage of using it but I believe I will see good relief in my anxiety and Insomnia. The purchase was worth it. I purchased rechargeable batteries from amazon and I wish it had screen light and quality button for on and off. I am hoping for the best.

TENS Unit 3000

TENS Unit 3000


I'm satisfied, wide range of sessions.



TENS Unit 3000
Richard C.

Pleased that I purchased the product.

Anna O.

I have a concussion and bought this to get a “boost” for some of the brain states I’m struggling with. It’s helped me relax, sleep better, and be able to focus longer than I otherwise could.

TENS Unit 3000
Theresa B.
The best ever

I needed something to help take my pain away and my friend let me use hers and I used it for a week and gave it back and I went and got me a new one of my own...and I love it


Sponge replacement

Very good quality, last longer than you recommend for use

Love this device!!

I bought this for my son who suffers from mild anxiety and he finds it helps, so I deceided to try it and I find it helps me to stop worrying quite so much about things and helps clear my mind! Thanks Caputron

Banana Lead Cable
Liliana R.


CES Earclips
Great customer service

Caputron quickly replaced a pair of ear clips that were lost in transit. I didn't have to do anything but notify them that I hadn't received my order. Thanks for the great customer service!

Good quality and price

The whole kit arrived promptly. It works very well and Stephanie from customer service has been very kind, answering all my questions very quickly.

tDCS Sponge Insert Replacements


Working great

Low budget tDCS device

It works as i want.

CES Earclips
Black carbon rubber CES ear clips

I used the carbon rubber ear clips in the past, without much success for a solid, strong signal. I’ve been using the Alpha Stim clips which requires a saline solution and replacing white pads. They were adequate, but thought I’d give the carbons another try. The first couple times I used it it it was excellent! Then, over time, not so much, unable to get a consistent, strong signal with Spectra 360 electro gel, and or signa spray electrode solution. Have cleaned the rubber and also pressed down the back portion where it contacts the metal pins that push into it. Disappointed.

placement caps


So glad

I am so happy that I found this
Thank you

Brain Premier tDCS Device

Gray electrode

I must admit that this electrode causes far less pain than the pair that came in my tDCS kit. The price is much more expensive and I will have to buy a second but it seems to work better.

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