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Very good!

Grade A+++

very effective device and great customer service

The TDSC device has really been a great complement to my creativity and work out put. about six months after purchasing the device it stopped working for some reason. I got very busy and The next thing I knew was that the warranty date had long past. customer service was very understanding my situation and extended the warranty. I highly recommend this device


very high quality sponges.


Good product!

Great product

Makes much easier to position the electrodes!

Works as expected so far.

Works as expected so far.


Caputron Universal Strap - tDCS Headstrap

ActivaDose II

I have used it several times and it works as it it supposed to and and appears to be well built. I am not sure it actually helps for concentration or memory. It appears to, but it could just be placebo effect. Overall a good product and kit includes everything needed except for a arm band which I ordered separately.

Major depression disorder

I had use for mdd and it is really help me. Thank you

Focus Sponge Inserts

These have worked out very usefully, particularly since they require less saline than the larger sponges. Their packaging fits nicely into the Go Flow Pro’s official box. The sponges also seem to dry for another use rather quickly.

Works just as expected

I was trying to cover a larger area with an electrode. This model was built the same way my current electrodes were, only bigger. I got what I expected.

Nobody at Caputron helped me how to use it,

I have not been able to use it because I could not understand how to put it together and use it. I emailed Caputron and asked for help, but no one bothered to get back to me. VERY disappointed.

Thank you for your review, and we apologize for your negative experience you've had with us, as that was absolutely not our intention. At the time we shipped the product to you, we attempted to address your concerns by sending a separate email to you containing the relevant information necessary to learn how to use your device; however as you have not received it, it must've not reached you. We've sent another email with instructions and sources that may be of use, please refer to those and let us know if you have any more concerns.
Good product

user friendly

Caputron tDCS Sponge Insert Replacements

Good contact, quality product at an reasonable price, seller deserves high marks.

i have not used the device much

but i am writing this review because customer service is good

Over priced poor quality product

This product is a poorly stamped piece of rubber. The numbers rub off. We bought it and were so disappointed when we saw it in real life that we have never used it. It doesn’t look professional and we’re concerned that the numbers stretch and are thus not accurate.

Thank you for leaving your honest review, we take feedback very seriously at Caputron. As we would hate to leave you with a negative experience with us, we will email you with further details on how we can resolve your concerns.

Caputron Focus Sponge Inserts

They do the job

These are convenient and work well with the flexible electrodes.

Replacement sponges

The product was delivered on time and as expected


Velcro Electrode Holder

Fast Service

Great company to deal with

Doesn’t work

Used it did not see a difference

Professional device

Very Good, 100% satisfied

Great Product!

Couldn't be happier!

Tdcs research.

Easy to use. It works perfectly. The treatment and attention in the unbeatable sale.