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Caputron has the great service

I've got my device. Before the purchase Caputron employees consulted me and I do love it's service. Great job, guys!

Amrex Electrode

The Great Seller

Prompt delivery and good communication

Caputron tDCS Sponge Insert Replacements

great customer services and support.

Am from Accra, Ghana and am happy for the great customer services and support. I would recommend caputron to everyone

Focus V3 tES Device

ActivaDose tDCS Starter Kit


Everything was perfect¡


Great machine

Came missing a battery

Other than that its a decent device

Best tDCS Device Available

Probably the best tdcs device on the market currently, considering it's basically the only medical grade tdcs device.

Used in research labs

Read about this device in a few publications about tdcs, decided I should try out tdcs using the devices that researchers are using in their labs, turns out this product definitely did not let me down! It's such a high quality device it's amazing how this isn't the only tdcs device people are buying for tdcs!

Next big innovation in self improvement

Why is this not a bigger thing!? It's like I can improve a certain mental quality just by flicking a switch, actual scifi stuff..

Activadose starter kit 3x3

Caputron has compiled a great starter kit--easy to use and comes with everything you need for tdcs at home!

Magic in a little package!

Using this device really feels akin to a spiritual experience! As if by magic, my depression symptoms are lifted and I feel absolutely rejuvinated both emotionally and spiritually.

Cleared my mental cloud

As a writer it's key that my mind stays fresh so I can continue to come up with novel ideas to put on paper, this device helps me with just that (improved insightfulness and creativity montage).

Great build quality

The plastic on the device feels very solid, you can definitely feel the medical grade quality that goes into making this, lets see if it will last through a year of use!

Activadose starter kit 3x3

I prefer the larger 3x3 version, the larger electrode pads curves better around my freakishly large head!

Good Product

The device was delivered very quickly. It worked perfectly, the only reason why I did not give it 5 stars is that the battery that came with the device only lasted 15 minutes of the 20 minutes.

It's a great shopping experience. Salespeople are very patient to help you choose the right produ...

It's a great shopping experience. Salespeople are very patient to help you choose the right products.

Studying for exams

Helped me a bunch during my midterms and finals, something about the tdcs feels like turning on a concentration switch, I could just study for hours with no need for distractions!

2x2 starter kit

Very good

Sales are very enthusiastic and patient to answer questions.

Sales are very enthusiastic and patient to answer questions.


Nice starter kit

Great Device

Works as described, helps with reliable montage placements.