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Electrode Size

Sponge electrodes are the most prominent type of electrodes preferred by leading researchers and clinicians for applying tDCS.

Caputron amrex style electrodes are comprised of a sponge insert, a metal mesh with 4mm banana connection and a rubber housing. Caputron electrodes come in both a 2x2 and 3x3 size. Made by Caputron, we are able to offer this commonly used electrode style at a discounted price. Requiring no maintenance, just replace the sponge inserts periodically to maintain an effective tDCS session. Our design uses a strong flexible rubber like material that can more easily contour to the shape of the head than the amrex electrode, providing better contact quality between the electrode and the user. Combine these electrodes with the Caputron Universal Strap for an easy to set up and reproducible tDCS session.


  • Allow the best connection quality, even with areas containing thick hair, providing uniform current delivery
  • Low cost to own after initial investment, just replace the sponge inserts periodically
  • Saline is an excellent conductor of current providing minimal skin irritation


  • Drip if over saturated

Electrode Care

To increase the life of your electrodes, it is good practice to alternate between which electrode is used for the anode and which electrode is used for the cathode before each use. Sponges may also be removed from the housing, rinsed and left to dry. The metal mesh may also be rinsed after each use but it is not necessary to remove the mesh from the housing as repeated removal could potentially cause a tear in the housing.

Electrodes are sold individually

Customer Reviews

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OK but wish I'd bought larger size

The 2" x 2" electrodes do the job for TDCS, but their limited surface area does make for some burning sensation. I'll probably order the 3" x 3" to see if they help

Excellent sponges!

Lasted a long time and did the trick

Caputron sponge electrodes

Work well, know where to buy in the future

In development

Sent promptly, met expectations, thank you!


Satisfied. Gives you peace of mind when zapping your brain.