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The Caputron Universal tDCS Strap is the best tDCS strap on the market. Featuring a built in ruler, this tDCS strap is capable of providing stimulations with the same precision and reproducibility used in clinical tDCS trials. The strap is compatible with all electrodes and sponges. Comprised of rubber, not latex, the Caputron Universal Strap can also be fully customized.

Caputron Universal Strap for tDCS

The Caputron Universal Strap was developed by Caputron engineers to address a broad need for simple tDCS head-gear capable of reliably positioning sponge electrodes on the head. What existed was either lacking in functionality or designed for specialized clinical trials, while most users wanted the reliability of tDCS clinical trials with the flexibility of a general positioning system. The Universal Strap allows for simple and reliable positioning of any combination of sponges electrodes, like those used for tDCS, in any positions on the head. In contrast to a cap, the Universal Strap allows you to see where the electrodes are positioned and to fix saline levels without needing to remove the pads or the strap. Unlike simple elastic bands, the Universal Strap is simple to setup and does not slowly slip over time. We tested over one hundred materials and designs to get the optimal tension without discomfort. Neuromodulation techniques like tDCS are only as good as the head-gear you use. For best results use the Caputron Universal Strap, your one stop solution for all tDCS montages!

Caputron Universal Strap Featured in Scientific American Mind

Caputron Universal Strap for tDCS Featured in Scientific American

How to Use

The Caputron Universal Strap is extremely simple to use and one size does fit all.

1. Push or pull the rivets to loosen or tighten the straps respectively.

2. Place the long strap against your forehead and secure the strap on your head by attaching the velcro strap either under your chin or along the back side of your head.

3. Move the short strap and place it along the top of your head.

4. Strap size may be adjusted by first removing the strap from the rivets. This is done by streching the material over the rivet. Next place the rivet through the desired hole that best fits to your head.

10-10 EEG System Explained

Using the Caputron Universal Strap in combination with the 10-10 EEG system, users are able to match the precision and reproducibility in electrode placement achieved by researchers and clinicians.

The 10-10 EEG system is an internationally recognized method of sectionalizing the scalp. This method is done by assigning a lobe letter, F (Frontal), P (Parietal), T (Temporal), C (Central), or O (Occipital) in combination with a hemisphere number, even for right hemisphere and odd for left hemishphere. For example, F7 stand for Frontal 7 located in the left hemisphere. This system provides a standardized method of comparing electrode positioning between subjects. The locations of the markers are determined using landmarks known as the nasion, the depressed area located just above the bridge of the nose, and the inion, identified by the noticable buldge on the back of the skull. The halfway point between these two points is than marked. Next, the center mark between the left and right pre-auricular points, indicated by the green dot in the figure shown below, is measured and marked. The intersection of these two points is the vertex of your skull. From this point, it is than possible to localize electrode placement in respect to the standardized EEG mapping.

10-10 EEG System Map

10-10 EEG System Map for Mapping tDCS Location

Pre-Auricular Point

Pre-Auricular Point for Mapping tDCS Location

Sample tDCS Montages Using the Caputron Universal Strap

The Caputron Universal Strap is used to easily reproduce some of the most common tDCS montages.

M1-SO tDCS Montage

M1 - SO Unilateral Motor

C3-C4 tDCS Montage

C3 - C4

Occipital tDCS Montage


Researched tDCS Montages

tDCS is an investigational technolgoy that is continuously being researched around the world. These links reference tDCS montages of various indications being explored and easily reproduced using the Caputron Universal Strap. Montage Guide, 10/20 Instructions and tDCS News Montage Guide Reddit Simple Montage List with Electrode Placement Total tDCS Montage Guide tDCS Montage Guide From TCT - Click to Download

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Great product

Makes much easier to position the electrodes!


Caputron Universal Strap - tDCS Headstrap

Over priced poor quality product

This product is a poorly stamped piece of rubber. The numbers rub off. We bought it and were so disappointed when we saw it in real life that we have never used it. It doesn’t look professional and we’re concerned that the numbers stretch and are thus not accurate.

Thank you for leaving your honest review, we take feedback very seriously at Caputron. As we would hate to leave you with a negative experience with us, we will email you with further details on how we can resolve your concerns.
Get's the job done!

Takes a little time to understand how tio bwest use it, but allows electrodes to be placed just about anywhere you'd want. Highly recommend!!

Always excellent

When it comes to buying supplies for brain stimulation there are many options but only one Caputron. They know what they’re doing they only stock-based products and there is never a problem when it arrives. Buying from anybody else is risky
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