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Soterix Medical
Electrode positioning head strap developed by Soterix Medical for accurate and fast set up of most tDCS montages. The most accurate and fast system for positioning electrodes at standard locations. Developed by Soterix Medical Research, the EASYstrap™ can be used to position Soterix Medical EASYpads at standard tDCS/tACS/tRNS locations, maximizing...


tDCS Ultra - Research Grade tDCS Device - Caputron
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tDCS Ultra - Research Grade tDCS Device
tDCS Ultra
Handheld battery powered limited output direct current source for tDCS. Comes with a simple interface with 3 current intensity settings and 3 time settings. Built with precision and accuracy in mind. tDCS-Ultra is a hand-held battery-powered limited-output direct current source. With precision micro-controllers and medical-grade design and fabrication, the tDCS-Ultra...

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Amrex Electrode
The Amrex electrode is comprised of a conductive metal mesh backing encased in a rubber shell, and a replaceable sponge insert. Sponge electrodes are the best type of electrodes tDCS. Amrex Sponge Electrodes are not just like any others on the market but undeniably the best sponge electrodes preferred by...

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Signa Gel
Highly conductive, multipurpose electrolyte gel for neurostimulation and neuroimaging. The ideal, highly conductive and hypoallergenic electrode gel recommended for nuerostimulation and nueroimaging. Signa gel is a highly conductive, multi-purpose electrolyte that meets all the standards of the ideal saline electrode gel. Recommended for ECG, defibrillation, biofeedback and EMG. Signa gel...


Carbon-Rubber Electrodes
Conductive carbon-rubber electrodes for uniform current distribution, compatible with their respective sponges. Carbon-Rubber Electrodes come in 3x5, 5x5 sizes, 5x7, and 5x10 compatible with their respective size sponges. Easy set-up for your stimulation needs. These electrodes are manufactured using extruded carbon filled silicon rubber. The same 0.080" pin connection applies...


Soterix EASYpad Sponge (Pack of 20)
Soterix Medical
Sponge electrode used in conventional tDCS/tES. These Sponge electrodes from Soterix use a proprietary rivet design to minimize current-density "hot-spots". Electrodes are sold in bags of 20. Simple and consistent set-up. Each EASYpads™ receives a rubber inset that is connected to a 1x1 tDCS Stimulator. Proprietary rivet design to minimize...

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ActivaDose® II Iontophoresis / tDCS Device - Caputron
ActivaDose II
Physicians Choice
Physicians Choice
The only FDA cleared device available for tDCS. Equipped with dose and timer knobs, real time impedance quality detector and current display; this device is used by researchers, clinics, and DIY enthusiasts around the world. The ActivaDose® II Iontophoresis Delivery Unit is indicated for the administration of soluble salts or...

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Flextrode Disposable Covers
Replacement pads for flextrode electrodes. Replacement Pads for the 2", 3", and 4" Flextrode Electrodes

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Amrex Replacement Sponge - Caputron
Amrex Replacement Sponge
Pack of 10 high quality replacement sponge inserts for Amrex electrodes. Sponge inserts come dry and expand when wet. Over time the sponges within the electrodes can grow brittle and crumble, crack, or split causing an uneven distribution of current. It’s a good idea to replace your sponges often to...

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Mettler Replacement Sponge Insert
Mettler Electronics Corp.
High quality replacement sponge inserts for Mettler Electronics electrodes. Mettler Electronics sponge inserts feature durable high quality sponge insert replacements. Mettler sponge insert replacements come in sies: 2" x 2", 4" x 4", 3.5" x 7" or 8" x 10" Over time the sponges within the electrodes can grow brittle...

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Banana to Pin
4 mm shielded banana to 2 mm pin ended lead cords. 72" long. Comes in Red or Black.    


Banana to Banana
4 mm shielded banana to 4 mm unshielded banana ended lead cords. 72" long. Comes in Red or Black.    


Mettler Electronic Electrode
Mettler Electronics Corp.
Durable and reusable rubber electrode with a steel mesh conductor by Mettler Electronics. Mettler Electronics Sponge Electrodes Features: Durable reusable high quality rubber electrode with a steel mesh for unparalleled conductivity. Mettler Electronics Sponge Electrodes come in sizes: 2" x 2", 4" x 4", 3.5" x 7" or 8" x...

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Saline Solution
0.9% NaCl irrigation solution for electrode sponges. Comes in 100 mL or 500 mL size. 0.9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation. Ready for immediate use off the shelf, these high-quality solutions come in semi-rigid Plastic Irrigation Containers (PIC™) that are: easy non-drip pouring lightweight, durable and shatterproof. Not manufactured with PVC or...

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10 ml Syringe
BD Medical
Use this 10 mL syringe to insure consistent saline or conductive gel application volume. When it comes to tDCS, don't guess how much saline you should use. Use these disposable, 10 mL, polypropylene syringes for general-purpose applications. Syringes come in an easy-to-open sealed package and can be autoclaved out of...


HD Electrodes
Sintered Ag/AgCl electrode with low offset voltage, low noise and high stability. These sintered Silver-Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrodes incorporate a fine grain, homogeneous mixture of Silver and Silver Chloride compressed and sintered to strengthen and stabilize. They are reusable, resurfaceable, never need rechloriding and are essentially non-polarizable. Sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes...