At Caputron, we’re all about delivering proven, effective innovations to market so more individuals in need of treatment for depression have more options. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Brain Ultimate – a complete TMS solution that offers improved results in a streamlined way. Let’s introduce you to the technical features of this new device to help illustrate how it is the ideal choice for clinical applications.

Advanced Cooling Capabilities

The Brain Ultimate device incorporates a specialized intelligent liquid-cooling circulation system. It comprises multiple components critical to keeping procedures quiet, efficient, and free of worries of overheating. These components include an intelligent control module, water based liquid coolant, and a liquid-cooled treatment coil designed especially for this device.

Cost-Effective Operation

With its plug-and-play design that enables for hassle-free coil changes, built in patient database and optimized user interface, the Brain Ultimate system is engineered for maximum cost efficiency. There’s no need to worry about any pay-per-session costs, and the easy-to-use patient database software ensures less time lost that would otherwise be spent digging for files. The advanced cooling system, while helping to reduce the risk of overheating, also helps keep the device efficient and ultra-portable, meaning there’s no need for a dedicated TMS room with those clinics just starting off.

A Well-Rounded Solution

The complete Brain Ultimate setup from Caputron takes the term seriously; we include everything you could need to deliver an ideal TMS solution. Order to receive the main module, advanced cooling module, intelligent patient reporting software and All-In-One computer, and an angulated figure-eight liquid cooled coil. We will also include a high-quality TMS cart and cap starter kit, ensuring you’re ready to get to work.

Designed for Maximum Performance Efficiency

Intelligent monitoring enables the automatic measurement of temperature, circulation volume and state, and more during device operation. Safety is also a major focus, with the Brain Ultimate setup including closed-loop technology to protect against overheating and no coolant spillage in tandem with highly optimized cooling components. In fact, the non-heating coil can operate for 24 hours continuously, meaning you can get more out of this device without concerns over its longevity. All parts and components included are high-quality and built to last – and will!

Key Benefits of Choosing Brain Ultimate

  • Non-invasive, completely safe means of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Appropriate means of treatment for MDD (FDA Cleared)
  • Modern, reliable, future-facing technology
  • Modular design enabling for a seamless upgrade to neuronavigation and robotic arms for any clinical environment
  • Safety features to ensure maximum patient safety and comfort
  • Reliable, highly efficient, and built to last for years to come
  • None to Minimal maintenance required
  • Cost-effective with no paywalls or baked-in clinician operational hassles

Schedule a Demo

You deserve to get the very most out of TMS treatments administered at your medical practice. Brain Ultimate is an FDA cleared system – we want to ensure you benefit from the best possible solution as well as guidance from our own team on best practices in use while maintaining absolute compliance. You can now schedule a demo of the system from the comfort of your office. Caputron is pleased to also offer a 30-minute video call during the demo to address any questions or concerns. Upon request, onsite demos will also be made available.

Are you ready to offer a new, safe, highly efficient means of TMS treatment to combat depression and improve mental wellness in your patients? The Brain Ultimate system is an ideal, budget-respecting choice that is easy to operate. To learn more, request a demo or obtain a quote, reach out to us at Caputron today.

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