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4x1 HD-tDCS Adaptor

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The Soterix 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor converts any 2-channel tDCS stimulator into an HD-tDCS device. The 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor is not a stand-alone stimulator, and during stimulation does not generate any current. Rather, the 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor intelligently divides and guides current generated by a 2-channel device, converting it to HD-tDCS.

Investigational Device. This product is currently limited to researchers or medical doctors. Please fill out the form below for additional information and pricing.

4×1 HD-tDCS Adaptor - Principle of Operation

HD-tES allows targeted non-invasive electrical stimulation. Soterix Medical developed HD-tES as the first transcranial system capable of targeting the brain with weak electrical stimulation. HD-tES broke conventional thinking that only high-power magnetic or implanted electrodes could achieve focality. Soterix Medical has continued to innovate HD-tES by introducing Neurotargeting software for individualized programing, the first neuronavigation system for tES, and research-grade integration with EEG.

The 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor interface is an accessory to an isolated 2-channel tDCS stimulator and does not function as a stand-alone electrical stimulator or generator. The 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor device is designed to be used as an interface device between an isolated 2-channel current controlled tDCS stimulator and 5 stimulation leads; where 4 leads (colored) are connected to one output of the tDCS stimulator and the remaining lead (white) is connected to the other output of the tDCS stimulator. The output leads connect to smaller high-definition (HD) electrodes, instead of the larger sponge electrodes used in conventional 2-channel tDCS. The device operates in two modes: SCAN and PASS mode. In PASS MODE, the 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor does not modulate the waveform of the tDCS stimulator, and acts only as a passive current divider. In SCAN mode, the device uses exclusive HD electrode impedance mapping technology to ensure proper set-up prior to stimulation

Device features when used with 1x1 device

Each Soterix Medical HD-tDCS feature was developed by our team of biomedical engineers consulting closely with leading clinical centers. Designed to simply set-up, provide intelligent warning of a fault condition, and allow for adjusting for patient comfort , these features facilitate reliable and tolerated HD-tDCS. The Soterix Medical SmartScan™ feature is central in all HD-tDCS and tDCS devices to allow reliable set-up and monitoring.

Smartscan: Provides a continuous visual indication of electrode quality before and during stimulation.
From pre-stimulation set-up, to during stimulation monitoring, to post-stimulation confirmation, the Soterix Medical SmartScan™ feature provides an intuitive and clear indication of electrode contact quality. Use the SmartScan™ during set-up to adjust electrodes and head-gear for optimal fit. During stimulation, SmartScan™ provides a constant indication of electrode quality and can be monitored during adjustments (e.g. addition of saline to drying electrodes).

True Current: Clearly indicates the actual current supplied at the moment.
What other devices promise, the 1x1 tDCS delivers. The back-lit display can be monitored during stimulation ramp up to confirm that the targeted current intensity is achieved.

Tickle: May be used to supply a very weak current prior to tDCS to help condition the skin.
Tickle™ may be used to both condition skin prior to tDCS and for subjects who are anxious about stimulation.

HD Monitor: Provides continues monitoring of conditions during HD-tDCS
An exclusive technology from the trusted leader in neuromodulation, Soterix Medical HD-monitor is an intelligent oversight system that provides continuous monitoring of current flow conditions and can engage automatic ramp-down should unusual performance be detected. HD-tDCS is the most advanced non-invasive neuromodulation system, providing tremendous flexibility to operators. HD-monitor provides a further level of automatic over-sight before, during, and after stimulation.

SMI 4×1: Optimized for the 4x1 HD-tDCS montage.
The 4x1 HD-tDCS montage remains the more popular and validated montage for unidirectional targeted brain neuromodulation. Devices optimized for 4x1 are designed to allow simple and consistent set-up including in high throughput clinical trials. Simple to use and designed by the inventors of 4x1 HD-tDCS, do not be confused by copycats and compromise the integrity of your trial and safety of your subjects. Soterix Medical Inc. (SMI) 4x1 certification is indicated on all validated 4x1 devices. *All MxN devices can provide 4x1 stimulation in addition to arbitrary configurations.

Relax: Allows the clinician to use a simple sliding bar to transiently decrease the current from the pre-set value, for example based on subject feedback. Based on feedback from leading clinical centers, Soterix Medical exclusive feature Relax™ accommodates subjects who may be anxious when stimulation is initiated or during the course of stimulation. The Relax™ slider may be adjusted from full to reduced intensity based on subject perception without interrupting or aborting stimulation.

4x1 HD-tDCS Device - Soterix

Validated Research-Grade HD-tES

From the trusted leader in non-invasive neuromodulation, Soterix Medical HD-tES has been validated in rigorous clinical trials. When stimulation tolerability and reproducibility cannot be compromised researcher and clinicians choose Soterix Medical stimulation systems. All products come with expert Soterix Medical technical Soterix Medical support, documentation, and training.

Revolutionary Neurotargeting Software

Optimization of electrode montage for brain targeting and individual subject customization has never been as easy as with Soterix Medical's Neurotargeting software. With recognition that placing an electrode "over" a target dose not support rational tDCS does design, the Soterix Medical Suite of software tools allows simple and automatic optimization. Soterix Neurotargeting software also provides high-resolution current flow visualization that can be used to support publications, presentation, and proposals.

Integration with EEG and Neuronavigation

Soterix Medical HD-tES can be integrated with EEG from 8 to 64 channels. HD-tES is compatible with any research-grade EEG system allowing any Soterix Medical stimulator to be flexibly integrated with EEG systems. HD-tES can also be combined with Neuronavigation using the Soterix Medical Neural Navigator. The Neural Navigator can be integrated with Neurotargeting software to design and deliver individually optimized stimulation.

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