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4x1 HD-tDCS Adaptor

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The Soterix 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor converts any 2-channel tDCS stimulator into an HD-tDCS device. The 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor is not a stand-alone stimulator, and during stimulation does not generate any current. Rather, the 4×1 HD-tDCS adaptor intelligently divides and guides current generated by a 2-channel device, converting it to HD-tDCS.

Investigational Device. This product is currently limited to researchers or medical doctors. Please fill out the form below for additional information and pricing.

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1x 4x1 HD-tDCS Adaptor

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Easy to use and set up

I am experienced with regular TDCS but wanted to be able to tartget specific brain regions. The good think about this 4x1 setup is it keeps things pretty easy and quick to set up. The caps feel good and are easy to clean. Questions are answered quickly.

Expensive but worth it

Needed to add this module to my existing Soterix device. It was expensive but it was 100% worth it. I was able to run HD stimulation and get much more precise stimulation at my target sites. Used the HD-Targets modeling software as well to plan my experiments.

Ryan J.
Great combo system

Purchases the Soterix 1x1 with 4x1 HD adapter for our study. It is better priced than other HD systems on the market. Soterix is the inventory of HD-tDCS so why would you even want to get another system.

Incredible Module

The great part about the Soterix device is you can add on this system at a later time. Originally we started with just the 1x1 device and later added this on when we were ready to run our next study. This was great as we had 2 limited budget grants and were able to space out our purchase and plan out our trial.

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