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The ActivaDose® II Iontophoresis Delivery Unit is indicated for the administration of soluble salts or other drugs into the body for medical purposes as an alternative to hypodermic injection in situations when it is advisable to avoid the pain that may accompany needle insertion and drug injection, when it is advisable to minimize the infiltration of carrier fluids, or to avoid the damage caused by needle insertion when tissue is traumatized.

Used by researchers and clinics around the world for tDCS, the Activadose II remains one of the most popular medical and research grade tDCS devices. Originally designed and FDA cleared for Iontophoresis, this device was released with a maximum current setting of 4 mA and maximum output voltage of 80 volts. Featured in numerous scientific publications and advocated by many tDCS professionals the device was quickly adopted by the DIY tDCS community. Caputron exclusively carries a limited edition 2mA / 29 volt version of the Activadose designed specifically for tDCS.

Actvidose II tDCS Device

The ActivaDose® II has two controls to operate dose and current, with optional push-knob or turn capabilities. High-contrast display indicates dose, time and current.

  • Automatic current ramp-up and ramp-down for maximum comfort. Dose range from 0 to 80 mA-min with 0.1 mA-min increments.
  • Includes visual indicators and audible alerts for resistance limit, dose and current limits, and electrode reject.
  • Time calculations are performed automatically and recalculated if dose and current settings are changed, or with pause/restart.
  • Increased circuit efficiency for longer battery life.
  • More power than dual-channel devices for better penetration; up to 80 volts.
  • Improved display for better contrast and line of sight
  • Includes: Controller, 2 lead wires, 2 9-Volt Batteries, and an Instruction Manual
  • Electrical Shock Internal powered Type BF Equipment.
  • Environmental Conditions Transport and store in a cool dry place between
  • 68°F to 122°F (20°C to 50°C), less than 90%, humidity and operational up to 32,808’ (10,000m) above sea level.
  • Ingress of Water - Not protected against ingress of water.
  • Flammability - Do not use around flammable gases, liquids or materials.
  • Mode of Operation - Continuous.
  • Dimensions - 6.52” x 3.5” x 2.25” (16 x 8.9 x 5.7cm)
  • Weight - .53 lbs. (.24kg)
  • Cleaning - Clean the case and lead clip wires as needed with an alcohol moistened cloth. Do not immerse in fluids.
  • Disposal - Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations. Remove battery before disposal.
  • Controls - Two (dose and current).
  • Dose Range - 0 to 80 mA-min.
  • Maximum Voltage - 80V DC
  • Maximum Current - 4.0 mA
  • Current Ramp Up - Automatic (0 to 4.0 mA). Built-in option for manual override.
  • Current Ramp Down - Automatic at end of treatment. Built-in option for manual override.
  • Battery - Use only 9V DC Alkaline. Ensure battery door is in place before starting treatment. Remove battery from unit when not in use.
  • Display - Dose, Time Remaining, and Current (displayed simultaneously with interactive set-up).
  • Pause Feature - Yes (w/ reset to zero).
  • Visual Indicators - Low battery and open circuit.
  • Audible Alerts - Low battery, open circuit, and end-of treatment.
Activadose used for tDCS by Dr. Vincent Clark of the University of New Mexico