DAVID Delight

  • Effective relaxation and meditation tool
  • Flashing lights & tones influence brainwaves
  • Energize, Meditate, Brain Brightener, Sleep & more
  • Large, easy-to-read buttons

The DAVID Delight provides a unique fusion of audio-visual entrainment (AVE), also known as brainwave entrainment, sophistication and simplicity. AVE is a technique that uses pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies to gently and safely guide you inot various brain wave patterns. DAVID Delight sessions have been thoroughly tested and are designed based on most current research findings to ensure you the most effective results. The sessions on the DAVID Delight are supported by research studies which include Seasonal Affective Disorder, stress reduction, insomnia, improved mood, mental sharpness and balance (reduced risk of falling) in seniors, and reduced worry plus improvements in concentration and memory in college students. The Delight sessions also include our proprietary randomization process, which helps encourage dissociation and brain frequency tracking to the stimulus.

The Delight features larger easy-to-read, easy-to-operate buttons which allows users to select a session easily.

It features five distinct categories of sessions: Energize, Meditate, Brain Brightener, Sleep and Mood Booster. Each category features two sessions.

    Each DAVID Delight comes complete with:
  • Large Carry Bag
  • White Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eyeset
  • Eyeset Carry Case
  • Stereo Headphones
  • 3.5 mm Stereo Patch Cord
  • AC Adapter
  • 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
  • Operators Manual
  • Quickstart Guide

Session Types

Energize Sessions
Start your day with either of these sessions, or use as a caffeine-free burst of energy. Try Energize session 2 for more energizing results.
Energize Session 1 - Beta Perker (20 minutes)
Energize Session 2 - Super Beta Perker (18 minutes)

Meditate Sessions
Relax with these sessions designed to help you reach meditative states. Use Meditate session 2 for an even deeper meditation.
Meditate Session 1 - Healthy Alpha Relaxer (30 minutes)
Meditate Session 2 - Schumann Resonance (40 minutes)

Brain Booster Sessions
Improve your mental functioning, focus, and memory. Brain Booster 1 is great for both college students and seniors. Brain Booster session 2 is more stimulating, and effective for teens and adults with ADD/ADHD.
Brain Booster Session 1 - SMR/Beta (24 minutes)
Brain Booster Session 2 - Alpha to SMR/Beta (30 minutes)

Sleep Sessions
Get a better night’s sleep. Sleep 1 is best for a chatty mind and tense body. Use Sleep session 2 for a chatty mind, but relaxed body.
Sleep Session 1 - Theta (45 minutes)
Sleep Session 2 - SMR for Sleep (40 minutes)

Mood Booster Sessions
Settle down your negative emotions and thoughts. Mood Booster session1 is most effective in the morning. Use Mood Booster session 2 to help you relax and settle anxiety.
Mood Session 1 - Alpha/Beta (30 minutes)
Mood Session 2 - Alpha to Alpha/Beta (42 minutes)

DAVID Delight Features

Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eyeset
Offers the most effective and safe light-and-sound experience. 8 white LEDs mounted over a silver reflector behind a translucent screen disperse light evenly to your eyes. Extremely efficient LEDs last for over 100,000 hours and provide a long battery life.

Isochronic Pulsed Tones, Binaural Beats and Monaural
The audio tones of the DAVID Delight are evenly spaced, are of equal pitch, and are turned on and off at a specified rate to enhance audio entrainment effectiveness.

Sound Sync Sessions
Each category also has a Sound Sync Session to turn your music into an intriguing light show. All sessions include HRV, and begin with a 3-stage process to enhance dissociation.

The gradual lowering of the lights and tones at` the end of the session prevent you from being startled by abrupt volume and brightness changes. Soft-Off ensures that relaxation and other benefits carry over, even after a session has ended.

Easy-To-Find Power, Intensity and Volume Buttons
The buttons are raised so that you can make the necessary adjustments easily and quickly, even with your eyes closed.

Battery Power Indicator
At a quick glance you can tell if your battery has enough power to run your session. New eyeset technology allows for much longer battery life.

About BrainWave Frequencies

The DAVID Delight uses flashing lights and pulsing tones to guide your brain into various brainwave states. These brainwave states are typically grouped into four different categories. Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each one is associated with specific states of mind.

Beta 12+ Hz - Awake/alert
Beta waves are quick, low amplitude waves of 14 to 40 times per second (Hz). Beta brainwave patterns are generated naturally when in an awake, focused and alert state of consciousness.

Alpha 8-12 Hz - Relaxed
Alpha Waves are between 8 and 13 Hz and occur during sensorial rest (eg. when the eyes are closed), intellectual relaxation, deep relaxation or meditation.

Theta 5-7 Hz - Falling asleep
Theta Waves are between 4 and 8 Hz and are commonly referred to as the dream or “twilight” state. Theta is associated with hypnagogic states, REM and dreaming.

Delta 1-4 Hz - Deep sleep
Delta Waves are observed when in a sleeping state. As we fall asleep the dominant natural brainwave becomes Delta. Delta waves are the slowest of brainwaves spanning from 1 to 4 Hz in frequency.

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