ElectroSquare tDCS Electrodes

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ElectroSquare electrodes have a unique set of features that make them the ideal companion to any tDCS user. Electosquares ade made of a hyopallergenic silicine shell. This eliminates the possibility of adverse skin reactions and it is much more durable than latex. Electrosquare's are dishwasher safe. They are easy to clean and disinfect to avoid unpleasant odors from unchecked bacterial growth. They feature notched corners design allows for easy access to internal components. These electrodes are designed with a revolutionary mechanical fastening system. No weld spots; insert a banana plug directly into the electrode easily and reliably. System is more rust resistant than any other tDCS electrode.


  • 3X3 inches/7.62X7.62 centimeters. Ideal size for tDCS stimulation
  • 316 Stainless steel and molybdenum alloy mesh. Highly corrosive resistant, perfect for the salty and electrically charged tDCS conditions

How to Use and Electrode Care