Focus 4 mA Go Flow tDCS Device

Small, handheld, easy to use tDCS brain stimulator with ramp-up and ramp-down functionality and a 1 mA to 4 mA intensity range and duration range of 5 to 35 minutes. Includes 0.75Hz sotDCS mode – slow oscillating transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.

Focus Go Flow is a hand-held battery-powered easy to use tDCS brain stimulator. The device utilizes a microprocessor controlled circuit to provide an accurately regulated current. Unlike other commercially available 9 Volt devices, the Go Flow features a voltage step up circuit that provides a max voltage of 25V. The ensures the ability to provide up to 4 mA of current with any traditional tDCS montage. The Go Flow also features a built in timer. Simply set the session length you want and let Go Flow do the rest. The microcontroller will provide a smooth ramp up and ramp down of current, a feature that is overlooked by other devices but extremely important for tDCS. The backlit duration and intensity indicators provide for a quick and easy method to read your specified settings. Caputron, the trusted leader in neuromodulation distribution, is proud to provide the Focus Go Flow tDCS device.

Focus Go Flow tDCS Brain Stimulator

Now Available with choice of Headband or Sports Cap

    Device Features
  • Intensity settings - 1 mA - 4 mA in increments of .25 mA
  • Duration settings - 5 min - 35 min in increments of 5 minutes
  • Maximum Voltage is 25 Volts
  • Dimensions - 1.06" x 1.02" x 0.65": Go Flow is the smallest device in its class. This makes it the ultimate portable tDCS device.
  • Weight without battery - 1 oz
  • Weight with battery (One 9V battery required for operation - Included) - 3 oz
  • The Go Flow utilizes a 1.5 mm headphone sized jack connection.
  • The Go Flow is a DC current device and also has 0.75Hz sotDCS mode – slow oscillating transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.
Focus Go Flow Pro tDCS Device - Stimulator Only

How Go Flow Works

Go Flow is an extremely easy to use portable tDCS device.

  1. Connect Go Flow to a 9V battery by inserting the battery to the underside of the device.
  2. Slide the knob up and down to set the desired current intensity as indicated by the orange led.
  3. Click in the slider knob to confirm the current level and switch to the duration setting.
  4. Slide the knob up and down to set the desired duration as indicated by the green led.
  5. Click in the slider knob to begin the stimulation session. The device LED's will flash and the current will ramp up.

When turned on, the device will default to your last used intensity and duration settings. Slide the knob up and down during the stimulation to adjust the intensity setting to a comfortable level. Once started, the device LED indicator will alternate every 5 seconds between intensity and duration to let you know how much time is remaining in your session. When the set time is reached and the session is over, the Go Flow will automatically ramp down the current. If for any reason you need to stop stimulation, simply click in the slider knob and the Go Flow will safely ramp down the intensity.

Focus Go Flow Pro tDCS Device Battery Installation Instructions
Focus Go Flow Pro tDCS Device Setting Instructions

What's Included

Go Flow Pro Starter Kit w/ Headband
  • 4 mA Go Flow tDCS Stimulator
  • Focus Headband
  • 42" 2.5 mm jack X/Y Electrode Connector Cable
  • X/Y Sponge Holder Electrodes (4)
  • Focus Rectangular Sponges (4)
  • Focus Saline Squirt Bottle (Saline Not Included)
  • Carrying Case
  • Focus 9 V Battery

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check Go Flow battery level
You can check the approximate charge of a battery by pressing and holding the button. The green lights will show a value between full (all lights) and 15% (one light) with 15% intervals for each lit light. If the lights do not illuminate when Go Flow is connected to a battery, the battery has no charge.

Focus Go Flow Check Battery Levels

Is it possible to change the current during an active tDCS session
Yes, use the rocker switch to increase or decrease the current. During active sessions it is possible to use increments of .25 mA. Each increase or decrease will be applied at a rate of 0.25 mA per second. The gauge will switch to orange lights when changes to the active current are being made. You can press the rocker button at any time to STOP the stimulation at which point the current will ramp back down to 0.

Focus Go Flow Pro tDCS Device Setting Instructions

What do the flashing lights mean
Flashing green and orange - No electrodes connected. Connect electrodes and start again.
orange - Resistance in electrodes too high and cannot reach 0.5mA. Check electrodes setup and start again.
No lights = dead battery. Start again with a new, fully charged 9v battery.

Go Flow tDCS Device Instruction Manual

Download Go Flow tDCS Device Manual

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