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Focus V3 tES Device

Only 9 left in stock - order soon.
The new and improved tES device by Focus with tDCS, tACS, tPCS, tRNS and tRCS waveforms as well as blind and double blind placebo (sham) modes. Easy to use interface consisting of just a simple yet unique 4 way joystick. Built in LCD screen shows device settings. Small and portable, the V3 has a rechargeable battery and includes the necessary accessories to get started with tDCS right out of the box. Grab a Focus V3 to fully customize your neuromodulation sessions. The Focus V3 is CE marked.
Device Configuration :
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The Focus V3 tES device features tDCS (Direct Current), tACS (Alternating Current), tPCS (Pulsed Current), tRNS (Random Noise) stimulation and an all new tRCS (Rippled Current Stimulation). Inside foc.us V3 is a 32Bit ARM® Microprocessor. Using advanced micro-electronics ensures accurate stimulation. Impedance changes can be detected and correct in 50 micro seconds. This means target current levels are super-accurate and super-stable. Only the best components were used in construction from such manufacturers as Texas Instruments, Seiko and Panasonic.

Focus V3 tES Device

Rippled Current Stimulation

The new foc.us V3 features a rippled current stimulation (tRCS). tRCS is a dynamic tACS. The waveform ripples after the stimulation frequency as a function of time.

Accurate Stimulation

Inside foc.us V3 is a 32Bit ARM® Microprocessor. Using advanced micro-electronics ensures accurate stimulation. Impedance changes can be detected and correct in 50 µ seconds. This means target current levels are super-accurate and super-stable. Only the best components were used in construction from such manufacturers as Texas Instruments, Seiko, and Panasonic. If you want the best, this is it.

Easy to Use

Getting started with foc.us is simple. The blue OLED digital display and 4-way joystick make light work of controlling your session. During stimulation you can see the exact session time remaining, the active current value in mA plus a real-time graph of the actual current.

Increase Peak Alpha

The dynamic frequencies entrain your brainwaves. The frequency shift then lifts entrained brainwaves higher.

Alpha Vision

Targetting the occipital lobe for increased visual awareness. See more with focus V3.

Time is Important

It is important not to misuse electrical stimulation through over or repeat usage. That is why the foc.us V3 includes a real time clock. It will warn you if you try to start a stimulation session too soon after your last session. It also times and limits each session to the maximum recommended length of 40 minutes. You can also use the timer to start your session up to 12 hours in the future. This is useful if you want a session to start when you are asleep. All session logs are stamped with the time they were started for your convenience.

Small But Powerful

foc.us was designed with the aim of being both small and powerful. V3 includes a 3 axis accelerometer. It provides raw data for X, Y and Z movements as well as slope detection, tap sensing, orientation recognition, g-force detection and inactivity sensing. This movement detection is used in the lucid dream program to stop stimulation when movement is detected. Weighing in at less than the battery found in some DIY stimulators yet generating an output 6x higher.

Safety First

The focus V3 implements recommended safety guidelines for transcranial stimulation

  • CE certified to Medical Standard 60601:2
  • Over usage prevention system
  • Current limiting circuitry and session audit logs

App Controlled Stimulation

V3 can be controlled via the foc.us/me Android app.

Focus V3 Available Waveforms - tRCS waveform image coming soon

Focus V3 tDCS Waveform

tDCS - transcranial direct current stimulation

tDCS mode current can be set from 0.1 to 4.0 mA for session durations between 1 and 40 minutes. Voltage can be also be controlled from 10 V to 60 V. Actual current is logged every 50 ms for an accurate record of the session. Featuring current ramp up and ramp down to make session start and end as comfortable as possible.

Focus V3 tACS Waveform

tACS - transcranial alternating current stimulation

tACS mode current can be set from 0 to 4 mA for session durations of between 1 and 40 minutes. Frequency can be set between 0 and 300 Hz in both unipolar and bipolar modes. A current offset between 0 and the target current can also be specified.

Focus V3 tPCS Waveform

tPCS - transcranial pulsed current stimulation

Set the duty cycle and frequency for pulsed current stimulation sessions. You can set Sham to ON, and have no graph, or set sham to BLIND and the focus V3 will either show the real current graph or create a fake graph.

Focus V3 tRNS Waveform

tRNS - transcranial random noise stimulation

Randomize the current, the frequency or both and set the range boundaries for each. tRNS is becoming increasingly popular in today's electrical brain stimulation studies.

Future modes may be added via firmware update

What's included

Included in V3 foc.us Starter Kit
  • foc.us V3 tES Stimulator
  • USB 2.0 to micro USB Charging Cable
  • 42" 2.5 mm jack X/Y Electrode Connector Cable
  • X/Y Sponge Holder Electrodes (2)
  • Focus Rectangular Sponges (2)
  • Focus Headband
  • Focus Saline Squirt Bottle (Saline Not Included)
  • Eva Case

Focus V3 Starter Kit Unboxing and Product Demo

Included in foc.us V3 Caputron Ultimate Starter Kit


Do I need an app to control foc.us V3?

No. All functionality of the V3 is available via the joystick and LED display. Alternatively, V3 can be controlled via the foc.us/me Android app.

Current Regulation in foc.us V3

Probably the most important function of an electrical stimulator is ensuring that the target current level is correctly maintained. This is an explanation of how foc.us control the current output in the foc.us V3. There is a hardware current regulator which is controlled by the MCU. The MCU does not participate in current regulation, it just sets the target current value to the current regulator input. The hardware current regulator is very fast. It can change the output current from the minimum 0 mA to the maximum 4 mA in 300 µ seconds at full impedance load. At lower resistance levels it can do it even faster. The current of the high voltage source is hardware limited to 4.1 mA, which is fed to the hardware current regulator,.which as described above can quickly change the output current to the targeted value and then the final step is an independent hardware current limiter, configured to 4.1 mA between the hardware current regulator and the electrodes. In summary, the input to the hardware current regulator cannot exceed 4.1 mA, which is then shaped into the signal e.g. tdcs, trns, tpcs, tacs at the desired current level - which is limited to 4 mA, and then passed through a final limiter before the electrodes. This provides super fast, super safe signal generation. As part of the assembly process we test and verify that all three of these circuits are functioning correctly. We perform this test on every single device. 100% testing.

Charging your foc.us V3

Plug the included USB cable into your laptop or phone charging cube. If you do not see the battery icon, then your device is not charging.

Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device. This product does not claim to diagnose, assist, treat, improve, cure, or prevent any medical condition or ailment whatsoever.

    Focus V3 tES Device Includes:
  • 1 Focus V3 tES stimulator
  • 1 USB 2.0 to micro USB Cable
  • 1 X/Y Electrode connector cable
  • 2 X/Y Sponge holder Electrodes
  • 2 Focus sponges
  • 1 Focus headband
  • 1 Focus saline squirt bottle (saline not included)
  • 1 Eva Case

    Focus V3 Caputron Ultimate Starter Kit Includes:
  • 1 Focus V3 tES stimulator
  • 1 USB 2.0 to micro USB Cable
  • 1 X/Y Electrode connector cable
  • 2 X/Y Sponge holder Electrodes
  • 2 Focus sponges
  • 1 Focus headband
  • 1 Focus saline squirt bottle (saline not included)
  • 1 Eva Case
  • 1 Caputron universal black strap
  • 1 Caputron banana adaptor cable
  • 2 Caputron electrodes available in 2" x 2" or 3" x 3"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Works for me

I was using a tDCS for a year and didn’t notice anything.

I thought I’d try this.

I tried the tPCS setting and i notice I can think more quickly.

it's the best

I'm only concerned about battery life, but more than that, I'm happy with this product.
I don't know about the product until I try it, but it seems that there are no problems and I would like to try a lot from now on.
I am also grateful to the caputron team for their kindness.

thank you.

olivier v.
Really great!

The device is easy to use and the customer service is amazing!


I just got my V3 today, and so far I’m very happy with it. Caputron has excellent customer service, and delivery was quick.

Foc.us, the company that manufactures the V3, makes very good devices. However, their instruction manuals aren’t that great. Also, I really like the sotDCS program (for sleep) that’s on the GO Flow device. So I kinda wish that the V3 included sotDCS.

I had to watch a few YouTube videos to figure out how to access the menu on the V3 that would allow me to “customize” the preset programs (so I’m not limited to only the 5 preset programs provided).

To do so, all you have to do is click on any of the programs. Continue clicking until you get to “Start”. Then, move the joystick to the right until “Edit” appears. Click on it. You’ll then be asked “mode type”. Choose which mode you want (TDCS, tACS, tRNS, tPCS, or tRCS), then continue clicking to specify the sub-settings (mA, duration, frequency, ect).

Caputron might want to consider putting together some “tips” for the V3 (since the manual Foc.us provides leaves a lot to be desired).

Perhaps include some details on navigating the V3 and how to edit the individual programs (tips like: “make sure to set the red lead as the anode” and “generally, you should choose bipolar off” and “by the way, you can set a timer start so that the device starts the program when the timer goes off”).

The V3 is a great device…its well thought-out and it does what it claims to do! But if you want to customize things you’re kind of left to figure it out on your own. Which is unfortunate. Because otherwise it’s a great device!

Again Caputron gets “five out of five stars” for having a great website and excellent customer service!

I'm looking forward to it from now on.

Arrived today.
When ordering this time, caputron was kind to me. I was happy.
I received foc.us V3, but I haven't figured it out yet because there are too many functions available.
I'm worried about breakdowns like in V2(it's working properly at the moment), but I'd like to try each one from now on.

Thank you.

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