HD-Explore™ was the first commercial software for precision modeling of brain current flow during transcranial electrical stimulation. And over 5 years HD-Explore™ has continued to introduce state-of-the-art features in support of optimized tDCS, tES, HD-tDCS and HD-tES.

Investigational Device. This product is currently limited to researchers or medical doctors. Please fill out the form below for additional information and pricing.

HD-Explore™ is the only stand-alone modeling software that provides predictions of brain current flow with equivalent accuracy to the most advanced engineering software. The reason is a breakthrough in how models are solved based on the principles of linearity and super-position. The result is that Soterix Medical HD-Explore™ is able to provide performance comparable to a team of engineers working with a super-computer for days, using a laptop in just minutes.

HD-Explore™ with tDCS emulation

Rationally plan HD-tDCS, tDCS and tACS clinical trials

Soterix Medical HD-Explore allows clinicians and researchers to investigate brain targeting for your own HD configurations. HD-Explore allows clinicians and researchers to rationally plan HD protocols.

  • Combine HD-Explore with custom modeling for individualized analysis
  • And with HD-Targets to automatically calculate optimized targets
  • Use HD-Explore to explore HD 4x1 stimulation or any HD montage
  • HD-Explore comes pre-loaded with three neurologically normal male Adult heads and the Standard MNI 152 head.
  • Contact SMI for loading additional library heads at any time. For loading your trial specific heads, send SMI your subjects’ anatomical MRI for custom modeling loaded right into HD-Explore.
  • 3D view of segmentation masks of all tissues
  • 3D solid surface and transparent surface views of current flow
  • Cutting plane and opacity functions for enhanced visualization and post-processing
  • Compatible with all Soterix Medical HD-tDCS devices and 1x1 tDCS and tACS devices.

Simple to use HD-Explore Interface Demo Video

HD-Explore 1, 2, 3 - Easy to use and intuitive interface

Step 1: Select a head from the Soterix model library - Adult (male, female), pediatric, stroke, custom models

tDCS is a highly versatile and adaptable treatment. Soterix tDCS stimulators and accessories can be simply customized to address a range of clinical needs. An important clinical challenge is the optimization of stimulation protocols, including addressing disease specific and/or patient specific needs.

Every Soterix Medical Neurotargeting software is enabled for individual optimization of current flow. Using Soterix Medical solutions, simply upload subject-specific MRIs and the corresponding current flow head model will then appear inside the subject select drop-down menu in your software. It is that easy to consider how variations in your subjects' anatomy may influence current flow. Then combine this with Soterix Medical Neurotargeting to optimize electrode montage.

Step 2: Select the HD or sponge electrode montage. Simply click the electrode location and enter the amount of current

Another innovation from Soterix Medical Neurotargeting. Users of HD-Explore can now emulate any conventional (pad) tDCS/tACS montage: any number of pads, any shape and size, and position on the head. HD-Explore allows you to simply select a set of HD-electrodes that cover the same region as the emulated pad to re-create brain current flow produced by the pad. Simulate any existing or new tDCS/tACS montage. And combine any number of tDCS/tACS or HD-tDCS electrodes with any current. The limit is your imagination.

Step 3: Visualize current flow through the head. Use the simple tools to plot current density across the brain

3D visualization of segmentation masks. 3D visualization of solid surface and transparent surface of brain current flow. Ability to use cutting planes to visualize fields inside the brain at the location of the cut. Ability to use opacity function to visualize current flow within the whole 3D volume.

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