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These exclusive Caputron hydroPod electrodes are high quality self adhesive 2" circular electrodes for electrical stimulation. Designed specifically for mindGear, these FDA 510K cleared and CE marked electrodes are also excellent for TENS, EMF, and IF devices as well as CES stimulators such as the Fischer Wallace. While more common electrodes are square in shape, the unique circular design of the hydroPod allows for a better distribution of current by effectively eliminating current concentration at corners and so increasing comfort. These electrodes deliver great performance for physical therapy, electrotherapy, pain relief, and muscle stimulation. These pre-gelled reusable sticky electrodes are both convenient and easy to use. The caputron hydroPod electrodes are among the most advanced electrodes ever engineered for electrotherapy using pulse waveforms, available at an economical price.

Caputron hydroPod Electrodes:

  • 2" circular electrodes (Pack of 4)
  • Common 2mm Pin Connection Lead Wire Design
  • Pre-gelled Conductive Electrode
  • Conductive Surface made of Carbon Sheet
  • Soft and Highly Flexible
  • Resuable for ~10 Stimulations
  • Less than 150 Ohms Resistance
  • Simply peel and stick
  • Non-irritating Composition Free of Cytoxicity, Skin Sensitization, and Acute Cutaneous Irritation
  • FDA 510K
  • CE Marked