MindGear CES For Anxiety and Insomnia Certified Pre-Owned

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Certified Pre-Owned mindGear is FDA Cleared for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. mindGear is an effective and affordable medication-free solution. In the USA, mindGear requires a device authorization from a licensed healthcare provider International customers do not require a device authorization.
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mindGear CES Device for Anxiety and Insomnia

Manage Anxiety and Insomnia at Home

mindGear is the gentle, non-drug treatment for Anxiety and Insomnia. Based on decades of research and the nation's best medical centers and with thousands of satisfied uses, mindGear provides you fast-acting relief, without the complications of drugs, in the privacy of your home or work. mindGear applies gentle energy to your brain, helping you help yourself to feel relief. Sometimes all you need is a little help. mindGear is there when you need it.

mindGear is the FDA Cleared non-invasive Cranial Electrotherapy stimulator (CES) that provides gentle energy to help treat anxiety and insomnia. mindGear works by providing low-intensity energy to the brain utilizing specialized waveforms that cause the brain to release serotonin and acetylcholine in order to generate a calming and relaxing response from the body. mindGear is based on decades of scientific development and proven medical success at the nation's leading medical centers including Harvard Medical School. With hundreds of thousands of safely completed sessions, with no side-effects, mindGear provides instant relief that builds up with you. Completely non-addictive, drug free, painless, and proven.

The Drug Free Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect one in five adults, causing them to be filled with fearfulness and uncertainty. Anxiety can be associated with panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, and social phobias. Anxiety is a real illness and can be treated. mindGear immediately shifts your brain to a relaxed and focused state of mind, without the side-effects of drugs, for a fuller and more productive life. Side-effects of common drugs used to control anxiety can be severe. Medications shouldn't make you worse. Avoid these severe side-effects with mindGear. Don't let anxiety hold you back anymore. mindGear is a drug-free FDA-cleared treatment to reduce anxiety and let you achieve more each day.

The Drug Free Treatment for Insomnia

People with insomnia have difficulty falling and staying asleep. While there are many causes for insomnia, the results can be severe: including depression, anxiety, stress, irritability, and a reduction in quality of life. Getting to sleep is about shifting your brain state and mindGear can help. Without the complication and hangover of drugs, mindGear helps you get some rest and feel better. Drugs used to treat insomnia can produce serious side effects and often put you to sleep without making your rest better. mindGear directly stimulates a natural sleep without side-effects. Getting better sleep leads to an immediate increase in quality of life and performance. Don't suffer another night. Try FDA-cleared mindGear risk free.

mindGear CES Device for Anxiety and Insomnia

How mindGear Works

A Non-Drug Treatment

mindGear is a battery-powered handheld medical device that connects to your head with adhesive electrodes or optional ear clip electrodes. mindGear works by providing low-intensity energy to the brain using an advanced brain stimulator. mindGear is based on decades of scientific development and proven medical success at the nation's leading medical centers including Harvard Medical School. With hundreds of thousands of safely completed sessions, with no side-effects, mindGear provides instant relief that builds up with you. Completely non-addictive, easy to use and proven.

Pharmaceuticals work by washing your brain with a drug, which is why they cannot be specific and result in side effects. mindGear works by recognizing your brain already have the processes to feel relief and those processes can be activated by specific forms of energy. mindGear is effective and side-effect free because it works through natural brain processes that you already have. In this way, repeated use of mindGear can produce lasting relief by enhancing those processes in the brain. By training your brain to heal itself, mindGear can be specific without complications. In contrast, drugs require you to keep taking pills.

Science Driven Therapy

Brain Activity Before mindGear

Prior to mindGear treatment brain scans show lower activity in brain regions associated with anxiety.

Brain Activity During mindGear

Immediately after mindGear application, brain processes that promoted enhanced mood and relaxation are activated.

Brain Activity After mindGear

Repeated use of mindGear produces a lasting beneficial brain change. Brain imaging shows that mindGear helps use help yourself.

Studies using medical scanning have shown that individuals who suffer from anxiety or insomnia have the same brain processes as healthy non-anxious individuals, but in people who suffer from insomnia, depression, or anxiety those processes are less active. mindGear uses low-intensity energy to active process already in your brain, producing a natural benefit because it activates your own brain process. The brain is a highly energy sensitive system, which is why inactive processes can be activated by low-intensity stimulation.

How to Use mindGear

How to use mindGear

mindGear is easy to apply and use. Just follow these 3 easy steps. You can use mindGear whenever you need a little help or as part of your daily routine.

1. Position mindGear adhesive electrodes on the temples while avoiding the hairline. Illustrated steps can be found in the manual. Alternatively, you may also choose to attach the clip electrodes to the earlobe.

2. Select your treatment time - 15 minutes is enough to feel relief - and activate mindGear device therapy with the push of a button. Adjust the intensity up to your comfort level. mindGear immediately produces an elevated mood and a relaxed state.

3. Relax and let mindGear shift your brain state. Resting quietly during a session is best, but you can engage in activities such as reading, watching TV, using the computer or talking on the phone during a treatment session.

How to Purchase mindGear

United States Customers:

mindGear is FDA Cleared for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. The purchase of a mindGear CES device requires a device authorization and Caputron must receive your authorization prior to shipment. You may order your device prior to receiving your device authorization. Your order will be prepared for shipment and held until the authorization is obtained. Upon receipt of your device authorization, Caputron will ship your CES device. If you need assistance in obtaining a device authorization, same day authorization is available online through our referred telemedicine provider.

You may obtain an online authorization from a licensed provider here. The cost to use this service is $18 paid directly to the telemedicine provider.

Alternatively, you may download the device authorization form and have it signed by your own healthcare provider.

United States Health Care Providers:

United States health care providers need to simply send us this physician authorization form to have their account cleared for shipment of the mindGear device. This is a blanket certificate and only required from a healthcare provider on the initial order. You may purchase the mindGear device prior to submitting the authorization by simply adding the device to your cart and checking out. The device will be prepared for shipment and held until authorization is received. Upon receipt of physician device authorization, the device will be released for shipment.

International Customers:

International customers may purchase mindGear without a device authorization form. Simply add the device to your cart and checkout.

How to use mindGear
    Certified Pre-Owned MindGear CES For Anxiety and Insomnia Includes:
  • 1 mindGear CES device
  • 1 Pack of 4 hydroPod Self-Adhesive electrodes
  • 2 mindGear earclip electrodes
  • 1 Pin lead cable
  • 1 9 Volt battery

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Stephen M.
Effective device

After using for a week, my sleep started to improve and I am not focus in the day time.

MindGear CES For Anxiety and Insomnia Certified Pre-Owned
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