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Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is a form of FDA-cleared cleared treatment for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Many patients experience improvements to mental wellness after as little as one treatment. However, what’s the best CES device for depression in particular?

We believe it’s the mindGear CES system, a very popular choice among Caputron customers as well as our own team because of how effective it really is. Let’s explore it in more detail.

What is Depression?

Before we dive into the mindGear’s key features, integrated technologies, and benefits, it’s best to define what depression actually is. We all have rough days and feel downcast from time to time – that’s normal human behaviour. However, emotional pain, distress, loneliness, and an inability to find joy that lingers every day are often symptoms linked to depression. These symptoms are toxic to our mental wellness and overall outlook on life. Most typical treatment methods include therapy, social engagement, mental distractions, and select drugs. However, with CES technology, a new, effective, and completely safe alternative is now available.

Drug-Free, Hassle-Free Treatment

Most of our brain cells are influenced directly or indirectly by serotonin, a naturally produced chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter relaying messages between areas of the brain. If there is an imbalance in serotonin levels, subsequent mood changes may occur that could encourage bouts of depression. This can happen for many reasons including low brain cell production of the chemical, fewer receptors for it in the brain, or a shortage of tryptophan – the original chemical from which serotonin is derived.

The mindGear CES system acts as a gentle push of sorts, encouraging the patient’s mind to shift to a healthier state by triggering an increase in serotonin production. By avoiding often-inhibiting side-effects of drug treatments, mindGear stimulates the brain through a completely safe, controlled electrical current. In turn, this helps to improve the patient’s mood, appetite, sleep cycle, memory and knowledge retention, and more – all without unwanted after-effects that could otherwise detract from treatment effectiveness.

How Do I Use mindGear?

mindGear consists of a battery-powered handheld medical device, which is designed for streamlined user operation. It is connected to the head of the patient via high-quality adhesive electrodes (optional earclip variants are available as well). Through this electrode system, low-intensity energy is routed to the brain using innovative stimulator technology. This encourages a natural “self-healing” of the brain by reactivating specific processes that influence an ideal state of mind and optimal mood.

How is mindGear Better than Drug Treatments?

mindGear is cleared by the FDA as a science-driven therapy alternative without the detrimental side effects associated with traditional drug-based treatments. Pharmaceuticals essentially “wash” the brain – think of it as a band-aid solution that affects the entire mind rather than a very specific, inactive area. mindGear works by recognizing that the brain already has its own process for administering relief, which is activated by specific forms of energy. This makes the device safe and side-effect-free because it is designed to encourage natural self-healing processes rather than repress them. There’s no need to keep taking pills, and complications from pharmaceuticals can be a thing of the past.

In as little as a single session, you may experience improved optimism, peace of mind, and overall mood with the help of the mindGear CES system. With continued use every so often, many users experience a lasting, beneficial brain change. In short, this is an innovative and highly effective means of training the mind to help heal itself, leading to improved control and potential mitigation of depression. To learn more about mindGear and CES technology, view our product selection or contact us today.