Ever heard of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation?

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Ever heard of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation? At Caputron, it’s one of our specialties. Otherwise known as tDCS, this innovative non-invasive neurostimulation technology is ideal for modulating brain activity associated with various behavioral issues. It harnesses the brain’s neural circuitry to help alleviate emotional and psychological distress. This is achieved by delivering completely safe, subtle electrical impulses via electrodes attached to the subject’s head.

Where the electrodes are placed on the head determines the kind of benefits one can receive from a tDCS treatment. Using the international 10-20 EEG positioning system can help ensure the best possible results depending on what you wish to address.

New to tDCS? Consider a Kit!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the possibilities presented by the world of tDCS, but don’t worry – Caputron is here to make the process easy and enjoyable! For self-starters who want an all-in-one solution, we recommend the Activadose tDCS Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to begin. This kit contains one of the only medical-grade tDCS devices on the market. The Activadose is recommended by Physicians and used in clinics and universities around the world! This system features an automatic ramp-up and ramp-down setting that ensures your comfort and safety every time you use it. In addition, it only needs a single 9-volt battery and includes a built-in monitor to keep an eye on the current intensity and stimulation time remaining. Plus, the included measurement markers on the head strap are an ideal way to ensure accuracy – and improved results.

Using Activadose tDCS while reading a book

Accessories for an Ideal tDCS Treatment Experience

Perhaps you’re interested in taking the effectiveness of your session to the next level. Whether you want to increase mental focus, reduce mood swings or inspire creativity, we can help make it happen with a wide range of accessories compatible with your tDCS system. Saline solution for sponge electrodes, replacement banana lead cables, conductive carbon rubber electrodes, sponge insert replacements – the list goes on! Find the perfect complement to your treatment to enhance your experience – and results – even further. 

Caputron’s tDCS devices are regularly praised as some of the best equipment for this treatment that you can buy. Along with our kits and accessories, we also have FDA-cleared CES devices and much more. tDCS is quickly becoming accepted as a safe, reliable, comfortable, and effective means of keeping your mind sharp and active. To learn more, browse our selection below or contact us today. We’re happy to help.

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