Everything You Should Look for in a tDCS Device

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Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation – otherwise known as tDCS – is an ideal treatment solution for emotional and psychological distress. For years, Caputron has pioneered the way forward in raising awareness of this innovative solution, and more individuals and practitioners than ever before are adopting the technology.

With that said, there are some caveats to bear in mind; not every tDCS device is built the same way. There are critical components of the system’s design that ensure a safe, comfortable, and effectively administered current contributing to efficient stimulation. Today, let’s discuss everything you should look for in a tDCS device.

No False Promises: Follow the Facts

Always deal with an authorized, experienced seller of tDCS systems such as our team of experts at Caputron. Why? Because we’re happy to provide you with the facts and truth about the technology; making unfounded claims about what the devices are cleared for is dangerous for both the seller and the user.

tDCS devices are, at the time of writing, not approved by the FDA for the treatment of any specific condition. Specific devices are, however, cleared by the European Union for treating depression, fibromyalgia, and migraines. Countless studies remain underway on the appropriate use cases of the technology and FDA clearance isn’t out of the question, but always arm yourself with the facts – such as in our news section populated with knowledge-based articles and dedicated product guide – to make an informed decision on what’s best for you.

Build Quality

It goes without saying that, when purchasing anything that is intended to safely manage an electrical current, you should only purchase professional-grade systems that have proven reliability. This not only provides greater long-term value but also protects you from shock risks, build quality issues, and warranty woes. Investing in a consumer starter kit or a professional-grade alternative is by far the smartest and most effective way of experiencing tDCS.

Accurate Current Delivery

If your tDCS device doesn’t have a minimum of 20 volts of power input, you’re not going to have an easy time getting the system to work correctly, if at all. Having an accurate current delivery ensures stable, consistent, and controlled stimulation, helping you get the ideal performance from your tDCS device without unwanted side effects or risk. Purchasing a high-quality, professional-grade system also helps ensure this as the voltage must be tested and regulated in such products prior to public release.

Current Ramp-Up / Ramp-Down Capability

With tDCS, you don’t want the current to hit a certain level and stay there – that’s not how we get the ideal stimulation it was designed for. This is why you should ensure any tDCS system you’re considering includes a current ramping system, allowing the flow to gradually increase then decline as needed. This is critical as it enables for the brain’s neurons to properly react to the sensation of being stimulated, no matter which cranial zone you’re targeting.

Built-in Timer and Battery Indicator

If your tDCS device has a current ramping system – and it should – then it also needs a built-in timer Todayhelp dictate when the voltage increases, plateaus and decreases. The primary use of this, however, is to ensure the device reduces in current and shuts off correctly after a preset timing cycle is completed. In addition, a well-built tDCS system should include a low battery indicator; this is critical for ensuring every period of use has enough current flowing through it to safely and correctly complete the session.

Want to learn more about tDCS devices, what to purchase or otherwise? Caputron is the place to be. Browse our selection of dependable, professional-grade devices today or view our tDCS system comparison guide.

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