TEDxCUNY 2015: Borders and Belonging

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New York – Novemver 20 2015

TEDxCUNY 2015 will explore the physical and socially constructed borders between peoples, places, and communities, as well as challenge how borders divide and unite us. What brings people together? What pushes them away?

Diverse in age, race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic status, language, and interest, the CUNY community is composed of students, faculty, and staff from every background. Not only are CUNY students advocating against the prison-industrial complex, homelessness, and domestic violence, they are also at the front lines of the legislative battle to pass the DREAM Act in New York State. CUNY people are discovering new uses for the ultrasound, and simultaneously planting the seeds for the next great American company. Members of the CUNY community have won Fulbright awards, Rhodes Scholarships, National Science Foundation Fellowships, and Pulitzer Prizes; CUNY people are crossing borders literally, academically, and artistically.

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