Caputron Inks Distribution Agreement with Neurosoft LTD.

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Caputron, a leading neuromodulation and neurodiagnostic medical technology company, today announces it has entered into an agreement to distribute Neurosoft products for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

The distribution agreement brings Caputron the rights to market the Neuro-MS/D Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Advanced Therapeutic rTMS stimulators in the United States and Canada.

Neurosoft TMS systems combine features and performance not available in any other TMS product, packaged in high-value systems for customers. These unique performance features include an unparalleled high-performance cooling system capable of performing up to 10,000 pulses during one session, a peak magnetic field of up to 4 Tesla and 20 Hz stimulation with 100% intensity. Neurosoft products are used internationally at leading medical research centers in the study of the non-invasive neuromodulation with applications areas in psychiatry, neurology, cognitive neuroscience, clinical neurophysiology and rehabilitation.

Robin Azzam, CEO of Caputron, commented: “The addition of the Neurosoft technologies to our broad neuromodulation product portfolio highlights Caputron’s commitment to provide our customers with the best and highest value neuromodulation products. Our goal is to support our customers in demonstrating the utility of neuromodulation in understanding neurological conditions and the improvement of patient health. These products will complement our transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and High Definition-tDCS systems provided through Soterix Medical and our broad range of neuromodulation accessories. Caputron is a proud provider of ANT Neuro EEG and neuronavigation systems that pair seamlessly with Neurosoft TMS products. Customers choose Caputron as a ‘one stop’ resource to provide integrated and supported solutions.”

Chief Commercial Officer of Neurosoft, Nickolay Smirnov, stated: “Distribution of industry leading Neurosoft TMS through Caputron will further enhance customer support in the US. Caputron has a broad customer base that is anxious for TMS products that outperform other TMS manufactures such as Magstim and Magventure.” Michael Durdin, Chief of Development added, “Customers are becoming more educated and have higher expectations for TMS products – they will no longer accept having to buy multiple systems, coils, or accessories for each application. Neurosoft TMS systems are a ‘one-stop’ solution to TMS and rTMS products mirroring the broader commitment of Caputron to be a ‘one-stop’ source in advanced brain research and modulation. We could not be more pleased with this partnership.”

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