Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)

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At Caputron, we take great pride in making great stimulation solutions available to the general public, whether through a practitioner or in a format where you can complete the purchase on your own (this varies depending on the technology in question). Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) requires that customers in the United States must have their purchase authorized by a licensed healthcare provider before we can proceed with your order. International customers, however, can simply add the device and accessories that interest them to their cart and check out right away.

U.S. Authorization

If you’re a U.S. customer, please complete and submit your online authorization form for a small fee. A healthcare provider will then review it within 24 hours. If approved, you’re good to go with your order!

What is CES?

Caputron is happy to provide a comprehensive overview of how CES works. In summarized form, it’s a non-invasive and completely safe form of neurostimulation, powered by a pulsating AC current. Energy is carefully controlled and regulated as it travels through wires, administered in targeted areas of the brain through electrodes placed on the head or earlobes. This configuration will vary depending on which of our CES devices you choose to order.

CES devices have the capability of triggering specific reactions in the brain by encouraging the production of serotonin and other naturally present chemicals. This can lead to improved mood, focus, and other benefits, though it should be noted that you should only purchase a CES device for FDA-cleared treatments.

FDA Clearances

On that note, CES devices are cleared by the FDA for the treatment of several conditions and disorders. These are depression, anxiety, and insomnia – no others are cleared, though testing continues, and this has the potential of changing in the future. It is completely safe thanks to the regulated, subtle current – side effects are limited to mild temporary skin irritation in the area of the scalp where the electrodes are placed, and there are no long-term negative effects.

Which CES Device is Right for You?

Caputron is pleased to offer a wide array of dependable CES devices built to last. Depending on the feature set, overall design and other factors, you may prefer a budget-friendly system or a higher-end model with even greater capability. If you require assistance, we’re happy to help in any way we can prior to purchasing.

Browse our selection of CES stimulation devices and accessories today – it’s time to discover their benefits while staying within budget and getting the features that interest you! Contact us today at Caputron for guidance and recommendations so you can buy a Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation device in a well-informed manner.

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